A Very Satisfying Photograph Of Ashley Cole

Ollie Irish

9th, August 2010


By Ollie Irish

Many of us have probably imagined how it would feel to smack Cole in the head. Well played, that ball.

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  1. AmericaTheBeautiful says:

    Many of “us”? Who are “us”? Arsenal fans, sure. They love the whole jilted lover act. But why would anybody else care about Cole one way or another? Because he likes money? And Wayne Rooney doesn’t?

    And more importantly, if you’re England fan, would you really want to injure the only good player England has?

  2. Jimbo says:

    Americathegreat, first of all, shit username. Second of all, it’s a joke mate, chill out

  3. Jamie says:


    It’s because he is a thoroughly despicable human being, hated not just by Arsenal fans but by a whole spectrum of human beings who place a lot of stock in a person’s ability to go through life without constantly making a total c*nt of themselves.

    My god, he is a c*nt.

  4. high as a kuyt says:

    hes even more of a cunt for wearing his earing and chain during training

  5. epiblast says:

    More satisfying picture would have involved him being kicked in the balls.

  6. Meji says:

    america the beautiful. u dont live in england im guessing. u wouldnt understand lol

  7. chimpo says:

    Im a chelsea fan and even i think he’s a c*ntyballs of the highest order

  8. Tatum says:

    Ashley Cole has always been a bit of a grubby scrubber, money can’t buy you class after all.

  9. rolo101 says:

    He IS Englands number one left back tho. yea he is greedy but still, give the guy a break

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