Ashley Cole’s book: what the bloggers say


12th, September 2006

‘I have decided that I’m not going to say anything further about Ashley
Cole and the serialisation of his shitty book. I know he’s a deluded
little c**t, you know he’s a deluded little c**t and right now he’s a
deluded little Chelsea c**t.’ [Arseblog]

‘Some Arsenal fans have said they will boycott the book. My advice? Read
it. It’s conceited tone will only further justify the anger and
disappointment fans feel towards a player who let down those who had
supported him for his entire career.’ [Gunnerblog]
‘Respect? Our former left-back wouldn’t know it if it slapped him in the face with a wet fish. You know, in some ways I’m glad that he has released his "book".
Principally, because fans of other sides can see what Arsenal fans have
been banging on about for some time – that he is so far detached from
real life it’s embarrassing.’ [East Lower]

‘Two things Ashley: One – If memory serves, you did have one meeting didn’t you?
I believe it was in a hotel room. Thierry Henry did not meet Jose
Mourinho (or anyone else) to discuss astronomical salaries while still
under contract.
Two – Thierry Henry is a world class striker. With all due respect, you’re an above average left back.’ [The Soccer Weblog]

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