David Luiz Looks A Bit Special

Ollie Irish

15th, February 2011


By Ollie Irish

The verdict on David Luiz’s full debut for Chelsea: doubleplusgood. Or: half as much as Fernando Torres, but twice as good.

Portuguese and South American football watchers have been raving about Luiz for the last couple of seasons, and now we can see why at close range. He was man of the match at Fulham on Monday evening, despite conceding a late penalty – a dubious one too – that might have cost his team a point. (He got away with it, though, as Clint Dempsey played it too safe with his penno and Petr Cech did the rest.)

Playing on the losing side would have been very harsh on Luiz, whose dynamic performace was in start contrast to that of his sluggish team-mates, including Torres (a few good runs, but not much else). Only compatriot Ramires matched Luiz’s energy levels.

Luiz started at centre-back but roamed everywhere with great intent, like some wild-haired, unshackled Beckenbauer Junior; he strode up the pitch, beating players (for a centre-back, his close control is excellent), he popped up on the wing, he went for goal, he switched sides with John Terry (statuesque by comparison). He lost the ball in key areas a couple of times, but at least he went for it, seemingly bored of Terry’s dreary penchant for sideways passing along the back four. Incidentally, and as Carlo Ancelotti hinted, when Alex returns to full fitness, it’s Terry, not Luiz, whose place will be under threat.

Ancelotti was impressed: “He did a mistake at the end because clearly he was tired but he played a very good game.

“He showed fantastic quality, as a defender and as a player, and he put a fantastic pass for Torres in the first half and this is very good news for us.”

Very good news indeed.

Sideshow Dave might be asked to tone down his joyful playing style for the prosaic Prem – but not much, we hope. Twenty-five mill already looks a real bargain – the Chelsea fans who chanted “Luiz! Luiz!” agree; the Bridge has a new cult hero, and it’s not the man with the £50m pricetag.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Sad to see the big man leave, and I guess it could have been worse had he gone to City, but I hope he is a resounding success in an otherwise unsuccessful Chelsea team. His attitude has endeared him to Benfica fans forever and I would be very surprised if regulars at the Bridge won’t take a similar shine to him.

  2. redder says:

    his performance better than that 50 million pound idiot! FLOP OF THE MATCH! Traitor!

  3. chimpo says:

    he played well on his semi debut against the scouse thieves too- one of the few positives to be taken from that fiasco

  4. Anonymous says:

    I bow 4 Luiz did me proud amongs opposition fans.2 u luiz BLUES4EVER.

  5. MrMac says:

    Funny how it’s all the old skool chelsea players with issues.

    Bring on Luiz, Ramires, Josh and Kalou.

    When they fail for al ong period, THEN Drogba, Lampard, Anelka and Malouda should be given a chance.

  6. Adrien says:

    Saw him play for Brazil at the Stade de France last week — he was calm and collected when defending but also ran all over the pitch to support the attack. I loved his bicycle kick last night to keep the ball in — quality buy for Chelsea.

  7. ifyy says:

    David luiz is a great player just like brazilan players, he will be a massive gain for chelsea.

  8. newcassel says:

    He makes Terry look like what he really is, a pedestrian one-dimensional average centre-back. Come in #26 your time is up !

  9. anon says:

    luiz luiz ooooohhh baby he stops goals

  10. husny says:

    i hope that luiz will be an important man in chelsea. i`ve look he played. he`s very fast from the back and confident with his step.

  11. Irekzz says:

    I think Luiz is gonno prove his worth as time goes on, he did good yesterday, another thing Torres should be given chance, he’ll definitely play good soon too….. Best of Luck to my fav team…

  12. alfie says:

    Damn Chelsea for having a swag (copyright?) center back! That’s supposed to be United’s job with Ferdinand and now the awesome Chris Smalling!

  13. Sleeba says:

    It is patently obvious that there is a whiff of change in the air at Chelsea. After watching Sideshow and Ramires last night run tings, messers Terry, Drogs, Lampard and co must be feeling that their tired old bones will be due for the golf courses and in some cases the bookies in the next couple of seasons. I for one will be happy when this happens, but eternally grateful for what they have achieved in the last few years. A clear out this summer will rejuvenate the bridge and maybe allow Torres to start banging them in. By the way, I think the Liverpool fans who moan about Torres should wake up and realise that they got the better deal. Jeez, want do you want 50 mill in the coffers or a half hearted striker? No brainer really.

  14. Joao says:

    please, he’s david luiz, not luiz

  15. Rams says:

    It is sad that Frank Enersen will be leaving Chelsea in the summer, this is certainly one man who has done a sterling job when it comes to player recruitments and academy work. For the first time in a good number of decades chelsea academy boast of some really exceptional talent thanks to Frank, it is no suprise that Real Madrid is waiting on the sidelines for u, look at the signing of Ramires, now David Luiz who comes up to be a real bargain for chelsea and the best january signing.

    Thank you Mr. frank Enersen your work at Chelsea Football Club will always be remembered and forever live in our hearts.

  16. Bacs says:

    His Name is Frank Arnesen…

  17. richard says:

    Ramires and David Luiz were both Benfica players before signing for chelsea, as well as Di Maria before he signed up for Real Madrid… and if we take a close look to the actual squad of this portuguese team we can see a gold mine: Franco Jara, Fabio Coentrao, Sidnei, Nico Gaitan, Salvio are all excelent players and are all young… and among them they have some old school guys like Saviola, Aimar or Luisao to teach them.

  18. joe says:

    this luiz is marvelous

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