Is Carlo Ancelotti Teetering On The Brink At Chelsea?

Chris Wright

21st, February 2011


By Chris Wright

According to several afternoon editions, Carlo Ancelotti is now surviving on fumes after Chelsea were put out of the FA Cup by Everton over the weekend, and will be sacked by the club should his side produce anything other than a win against Copenhagen in the Champions League tomorrow evening.

Under questioning, Ancelotti vowed today that he has no intention to quit his post, yet also acknowledged that the decision is not really his to make.

When asked if he intended to walk out on the club before Chelsea’s game in Denmark, the Italian replied:

“No, not me. I don’t have to consider my position. It is the owner [Roman Abramovich] that has to do that, not myself.”

Several papers were speculating that Ancelotti was about to be handed an ‘escape route’ by Serie A stragglers Roma, who parted with coach Claudio Ranieri earlier today, though the Giallorossi have since confirmed that former striker Vincenzo Montella has now been handed the reigns at the Stadio Olimpico until the end of the current season.

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  1. Montesquieu says:

    He was a terrible manager at Milan, he’s a terrible manager at Chelsea.

  2. Sleeba says:

    Got respect for Carlo but he really does need to starting kicking arse down at the Bridge. Don’t perform, don’t play would be a good start. I just don’t want to see another (good) manager bugger off with a handsome pay-off and another to come in and use the same old players to the same effect. It’s the players, who have given great service in the past, that should be put out to pastures new and start re-building with what’s left.
    Jeez, it would be good for the younger players not to have to play dressing politics and just concentrate on winning.
    By the way while I’m at it…I think all prem-teams should be paid not individually but as a whole team. Pay related. There-by if someone is dragging their feet(Anelka,Drogba) the rest of the team has right to shout obscenities, as it’s effecting everyone’s pay packet. Discuss.

  3. says:

    Howa about the Chealseeyea hira a managera thata cana speaka de Inglish

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  5. Billy says:

    I hope he stays. It would be great to see them miss 4th place

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