Ashley Cole Shot Student With Air Rifle At Chelsea Training Ground

Ollie Irish

27th, February 2011


By Tom Dean

The News of the Screws’ big scoop this weekend: Ashley Cole shot a work placement student with an air rifle. It was an accident, mind.

The paper claims that last Sunday, Cole shot 21-year-old Tom Cowan from just 5ft away as he “larked about” (larks with guns; brilliant) with a .22 calibre air rifle at CFC’s training ground.

Cowan was given medical treatment immediately after the “larks”. He did not die. Phew. Cole might have been fined a month’s wages for manslaughter.

A source (John Terry?) told the NotW: ‘It’s truly inconceivable that a Premier League footballer could bring a gun to the training ground.

“But Ashley pulled the rifle from a box and started larking about with it in the changing room.

“Cole didn’t know the gun was loaded but it’s a disgrace. His behaviour beggars belief.”

Well, maybe, but who is surprised anymore by the childish behaviour of high-earning English footballers? What is more belief-beggaring is that Chelsea was only slapped on the wrists by his employer. And that he had no idea that the gun was loaded. Astounding.

In most other lines of work, if you shoot the work experience guy with a gun… well, it’s glaringly obvious what would happen to you. Funny old game, football.

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  1. DJ says:

    Ashley Cole really is brainless. The guy who got shot should get a hefty lawsuit on him.

  2. Montesquieu says:

    It’s an air rifle, it will puncture exposed skin, but to kill someone, you’d probably have to shoot them point-blank in the temple or hit them in the eye, or have the person swallow a bunch of the buck shot and get ‘poisoned’.

  3. dorothy says:


  4. Tom Jones says:

    Lock him up!

  5. Miguel says:

    ashley cole shot big brother’s chanelle in the boob?!

  6. Alex says:

    Leave him alone! He is better at football than any of you fuckers will be

  7. says:

    He’s an adult dorothy, you don’t mess about with a weapon. Anyone who’s ever handled a weapon before, whether it’s an air rifle or anything else, knows to treat it like it’s loaded. What an idiot.

  8. Gez Stevens says:

    It’s an offence to transport a loaded air weapon which Cole did if his story is true.

    No firearms dealer would have sold him a weapon that was loaded.

    So either he loaded it himself, or he bought it from one of his mates, who has the common sense of a typical footballer.

    The (loaded weapon) offence carries a five year max penalty.

    He won’t get that, the law reserves that punishment for some poor sod from a council estate.

    Cole is better than that, isn’t he.

  9. Andrew says:

    A .22 is not an air rifle or BB Gun. It is an actual gun. The .22 is the caliber of the bullets that it fires. If this is true he should be suspended for the rest of the season at least.

  10. Sleeba says:

    At least he was on target…for once.

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  12. Ausam says:

    It wasnt a ‘real’ gun, it only just drew blood from five feet thats the power of the thing. I dont know whether using News of the World as asource is the best idea!!!

  13. alex says:

    why did he even take a gun to training what was he planning on doing with it and if it was his gun he would have known if the weapon was loaded or not even though hes a footballer he should get treated the same as everybody else so he should be put in prison

  14. Gibby says:

    This boys a feckin belter of the highest order. Pity he wasn’t looking down the barrell whilst ‘larkin around’ to see ifit still woked – Elma Fudd stylee !…….. At least somebody else is gettin the pleasure of FIRING intae to his ex wife !!! Ooooooosh

  15. Ruperto says:

    Who Goes Around With A Rifle At A Training Field Didn’t He Test It Out First

  16. HAPPY ARRY says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    he is a foolish man to say he doesn’t know whether the gun was loaded.
    they should lock him up.

  18. The Messiah says:

    Ashley Cole, does that surprise me? HMM? no. it doesnt, he is a stupid rat ho ‘Larks’ around thinking he can actually PLAY football, The Poor lad who he shot should get back at him and fuck cheryl, mmm. And ill be there. watching. :D

  19. M Hall says:

    A 22 air rifle CAN kill, Cole was lucky it wasn’t a square shot and only clipped the guy, Had it hit sqare the guy would have been seriously hurt and hospitalized. Cole was stupid, NOT knowing the gun was loaded is a LIE, he knew, he just thought his 22 was a popgun, you wanna see what it does to a rabbits head? The club is as much to blame, my place of work would have filed for armed trespass, assault with a deadly weapon, GBH etc. Sorry, instant dismissal, it’d bring the other hot/big headed overpaid players into line! No sympathy for the prat at all.

  20. Matt says:

    I just shot myself clean through the arm with a 22. air rifle. It bloody hurts. Don’t ask how that happened.

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