The Runner-Up Is The First Loser – Carlo Ancelotti Sacked By Chelsea

Chris Wright

23rd, May 2011


By Chris Wright

Just one year after securing a club-first league and cup double, Carlo Ancelotti and his glorious eyebrow of redemption have been sacked by Chelsea after washing up in shameful, shameful second place this year – though, snarky sarcasm aside, 2010/11 has technically been the club’s ‘worst’ campaign since Roman Abramovich rode into town back in 2003.

There may well have been extenuating circumstances (Wilkins’ dismissal, the disruption caused by the Torres saga, Frank Lampard’s injury lay-off, etc…) but, alas, a trophy-less season notable only for a chasmic collapse in form was always going to be pretty much unacceptable – especially considering the capital that Abramovich has stumped up over the course of the campaign.

Pies verdict? Crazy decision, but ultimately a completely inevitable one as Abramovich’s Gollum-esque lust for Champions League glory seemingly knows no bounds.

The question is, who will the Russian oligarch turn to next to aid him in the frenzied pursuit of his ‘precious’?

The smart money is on Hiddink/Villas-Boas, but whispers on the wind are suggesting that one Rafa Benitez may also be in with shout – which would, of course, be absolutely insane in the best possible way.


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  1. JS. says:

    Rumors say it will be van Basten, I fear for Chelsea next season.

  2. Vans says:

    I fear for chelsea too, we have become a laughing stock, and i am concerned we will fall below man city. Carlo was great for the club, som stability would have been nice. However he was brought in for the champions league, and his record in that competition over two years was a little underwhealming given his credentials and no doubt, abramovich’s expectations.

  3. MrMac says:

    It’s pathetic as a chelsea fan.

    Carlo represented a new school that chelsea needed to really try and dominate in premier league and finally get that Champ trophy.

    Now we’ll probably see drogba, malouda, anelka all stay.
    And not get anything cept maybe a carling cup next season.


    Benitez would be insane tho.
    If we’re going down in flames, i hope itw ill be with benitez, that’d be fukkin cracking hahaha

  4. Nick says:

    Maybe 2 years ago he was seen as the man to get the best results out of an aged squad. Carlo did not get the Champions though and now they will bring in a new face to start a fresh cycle.

    Either that or A just wants Hiddink. Regardless I don’t get it.

  5. CFC_Jay says:

    i, like the majority of Chelsa, would have liked Carlo to stay but it was inevitable that Roman was gonna sack him. He is the owner and has piled so much cash into our club that regardless of whether we agree with it or not, he can do what he likes. These Billionaires are very much used to getting things they want and a tropheyless season would not have pleased the big man!! by the by, we now have a whole pre-season to get someone decent in to bond with players. Lets not leave it too late!!!

  6. chimpo says:

    the words poisoned chalice spring to mind

  7. Hirsty says:

    Absolutely pathetic, though unfortunately completely predictable. The problem is with Chelsea’s players, not the manager. Good luck Carlo, you deserved far, far better.

  8. Jake says:

    horrible decision. they actually did well considering all of the drama that happened throughout the course of the season (wilkins dismissal, torres addition, injuries). to finish 2nd and barely lose to ManU in the CL is not bad. I would have kept Carlo. he won 2 trophies in his first season for chrisst sake. Looks like they’ll get hiddink, rijkaard, van gaal or benitez.

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