Chelsea Officially Launch 2011/12 Away Kit – The One With Solar Panels (Photos)

By Chris Wright

Look what greeted us on the doormat at Pies Towers this morning, a batch of photos of Chelsea’s brand new, solar-powered Adidas away kit for 2011/12…

Apparently, the socks are ‘revolutionary’ – Adidas’ words, not mine – as they have padding in the feet…like the ones I played in at Junior School.

Chelsea will wear the strip for the first time when they play Hong Kong champions Kitchee in the opening game of the Barclays Asia Trophy on July 27th, though it will be available to pre-order from the club’s online megastore from July 7th.

To be fair, the murky leaked photos that we took the Michael out of on Pies last week didn’t really do the kit justice. We actually quite like the finished product – though we can’t help but feel that the shirt looks like something Pavel Srnicek would have worn back in 1996.

What say you Chelsea fans? Like or no like?

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  1. Burgz says:

    ha ha ha! who designs these kits at Adidas, a bunch of 5 year olds!

  2. Tanya says:

    Not a big fan of the windows but it’s okay, better tan the leaked photos for sure.

    And I now wait for the infamous sex god to come along and troll.

  3. Chris T says:

    Props for the Pav reference!

  4. Sex God says:

    Obvious trolls should be banned tbh, it’s only annying.

    Like that y’all twitter douchebag.

  5. jojo says:

    @ sex god,

    yes, but are lampard and kalou true Sex God understudies?

    I’m dying to know!

  6. Sex God says:


    comment no. 4 is, once again, not the true Sex God, but an imposter

    I often wonder when this impersonation will end, but until it does we will just have to sit back and allow them to waste their time

    @jojo, comment no.5

    no. neither lampard nor kalou are true Sex God understudies
    lampard was once potential Sex God understudy apprentice material, but never lived up to that potential

    kalou doesn’t even fall into the afore mentioned category

  7. FiddyGeb says:

    I’m not even messing around, this was available in Adidas where I’m at for about 2 weeks now. The Real Madrid kit was also on show before they officially announced it as well.

  8. Garrry says:

    lampard is a legend. kalou not so much. the kit is shit. and who the fuck are you to talk about wasting time. you. are. a. cunt.

  9. mtm says:

    hahaha what a linen haha fucking hell that made me laugh:DDDD were is these “solar panel” and they will produce neregy:D seriously is it so easy to get a job at adidas?

  10. Eckpfosten says:

    to be honest…I like it. But maybe thats because I am from germany and we are totally into alternative energy ;) Waiting for the windmill-kit from Tottenham.

  11. Dosotros says:

    What a disappointment this kit is. It is sickening that Adidas can think this is a good looking kit. Looks like some oddball design straight from Ligue 1. At least the home kit is better.

  12. Happy says:

    Be ready to hit me, but Sex God’s comments somehow make me chuckle every time…

  13. newcassel says:

    Fundamentally shite due to the badge on the front

  14. jojo says:

    @ Sex God:

    thanks, look forward to your ‘reports’ in the future!

  15. QueerAsFuß says:

    It would be awesome if the blocks were really solar panels and lit up players name with blinking Broadway-style marquee lights.

    That would totally be as classy as today’s footballers. ;)

  16. wolfusa says:

    coincidental that they’ll first wear this kitschy kit against kitchee. not flattering to fat frank either.

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