‘Diet Mourinho Lite Mk II’ – The Right Man At The Right Time For Chelsea?

Chris Wright

22nd, June 2011


By Chris Wright

From Chelsea’s official site:

“Andre was the outstanding candidate for the job. He is one of the most talented young managers in football today and has already achieved much in a relatively short space of time.”

And with that, the deed was done. After triggering the €15 million/£13.3 million release clause in his Porto contract last night himself (using Roman Abramovich’s money, we suspect), Andre Villas-Boas has officially signed on the dotted line at Stamford Bridge this morning, putting pen to paper on a three-year deal taking up the post ‘immediately’.

He may well have seen his reputation soar to unprecendented heights after breezing to success with a dominant Porto side last season, but swearing-in Villas-Boas so hastily still represents a fairly ballsy appointment on Chelsea’s part – especially considering the man is a managerial bairn at 33 and has little to no professional experience to his name.

For taking that calculated gamble, I doff my cap to them.

AVB served as Mourinho’s ‘eyes and ears’ at Chelsea

Of course, we’re not going to have to loiter around for too long before all the ‘new Special One’ media cobblers starts to cloy and stick in the craw.

The first few hundred press conferences are going to be a nightmare though, for all the glaring, unavoidable parallels (young, easy on the eye, suave, pristine yet notably short CV, schooled under Sir Bobby Robson, prepares for games in meticulous detail, etc, etc), it’s worth noting that Chelsea seem ready to usher in a revitalisation of the rapidly-stagnating playing staff with Villas-Boas as the youthful figurehead.

Porto only tasted defeat four time last term, winning three trophies in the process

Rather than just attempt a frivolous rehashing of the Mourinho era with a ringer shoehorned into the central role, Chelsea have sagely appointed a man who will provide fresh impetus and successful tactical perspectives – presumably as a preemptive measure considering the ‘dull edge’ that the Blues suffered from for vast swathes of last season.

The media may well be palpitating at the thought of spouting ‘new Mourinho’ guff on a daily basis, but AVB is far better than a mere imitation – he’s one of Europe’s most highly-rated young coaches for a reason and that is why Chelsea and Abramovich showed no hesitation in frittering away yet more petro-millions in order to ensure that they landed their man at the first possible juncture.

Unquestionably, the right man at the right time – now let’s see if his transfer market chops are as impressive as his gamut of ventricle-bursting touchline celebrations…

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  1. i love u product of of the new free tech mag like to get one direct from u

  2. C says:

    I give him 1 season, as per usual with Chelsea managers.

    I wonder who Chelsea will get as a manager next year, if they only finish 2-4th place.

  3. Jon says:

    I’m fast developing a man crush on AVB. Hope I’m not not the only one.

  4. lisa says:

    hooray! he’s brilliant! :)
    exciting season ahead!

  5. MrMac says:



    …on the other hand taking the Chelsea glasses of a minute.
    I said the same about ancelotti, and that his wisdom and experience would win it.

    Interesting times nonetheless, hopefully the old core will begone before they can stab their manager in the back on the field.

  6. juanos dios says:

    You can book a Madrid Chelsea Champions League quarterfinal right now.

  7. wolfusa says:

    yes, juanos dios, you can. i can see it now, it will be tauted as: the game to see which team will lose to united/barcelona in the final.

  8. Ping Yang says:

    Andre Villas Boas is a relief. I don’t know about other Chelsea fans, but I was getting sick and tired of the old and experienced managers that we have had since Mourinho left. Look at Pep at Barcelona, he was unknown and yet was able to do wonders at Barca. Andre Villas Boas, hopefully can do the same thing, his credentials are already more impressive than Peps (when he started out)

    As for Falcao and Moutinho, I am on board with them but I do not want Chelsea going out splashing huge amounts on players that could be a gamble. Modric would be a good signing, already an established Premier League player, so we know he can get the job done in England. Its up to Boas, Falcao is a great player, only 25 and has the same mold of Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

    Midfield is the place that we need to strengthen. Especially with a creative player like Modric. Strikers like Falcao, Neymar even Eto’o sound really good, but surely we have to let some go. I really want Sturridge to be given a chance but with these potential signings I think it would be best to loan him out for a full season.

    Anelka, Malouda, and perhaps (it kills me to write this) but even Drogba might have to be let go to make room. Exciting times for Chelsea.

  9. pete says:

    I’m with you PY but Malouda and Drogba are great players and should be kept. The problem is squad depth, we need to keep those 2 and bolster the side with someone creative and mobile in the mid or as a forward that can play out wide. Someone like Moutinho, Mata or Neymar are needed so our guys in the middle can get to work. Too often last season we were let down by the RB not being able to get forward and the opponents loading up the middle and left sides. A winger will fix all that… but I wouldn’t mind a right back either.

  10. Tanya says:

    Abramovich not impressed. 3 days without a trophy.

  11. bonie says:

    he only have 3 months before he is chased….

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