Chelsea Touch Down In Hong Kong, Lampard Eyes Up Kalou’s Birthday Cake (Photos)

Chris Wright

26th, July 2011


By Chris Wright

After working their way through Malaysia and Thailand, Chelsea touched down in Hong Kong yesterday to visit a soccer clinic, where a slightly perplexed-looking ‘David Cameroon’ was presented with a traditional birthday bun despite his birthday not being for another two weeks…

Frank Lampard only smiles…

…when there’s cake involved!

David Cameroon clearly has no idea what’s going on, though the look of mild panic on his face indicates that he is more than aware of the small gentleman holding his hand in public

Joey Barton’s Chinese hipster doppelganger enters the fray

“Has that little bastard had all the cake?” – Lamps starts to get nervous

Cake gone, Frank sad again

Photos: PA