Competition! Grab Some Front Row Tickets For Hyde Park Olympic Fest On Saturday


9th, August 2012


Fancy being at the very front for the Olympics finale in Hyde Park on Saturday? We have two sets of four tickets to give away courtesy of BT. They are for The Golden Circle which is the bit at the front next to the stage – so you get the best view of the screen, the bands etc.

Throughout The Olympics BT has been offering free Wifi to its customers in the main venues. So if you are off to the games this weekend, don’t forget to take advantage of this. You just need your log in. If you aren’t a BT customer you can still buy Wifi – the details are here.

To celebrate we are offering a party pack of four tickets to the Golden Circle (the bit at the front!) of the BT London Live event on Saturday. You’ll get an amazing view of some superb Athletics finals, plus there are some great bands and the best atmosphere in town.

To win them just tell us what has been the best moment of the games in the comments.

We’ll choose two winners (remember you get a party pack of four tickets) tonight and email them to you tomorrow.

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  1. Dan Walsh says:

    For me, the best Olympic moment has to be the moment the Brownlee brothers crossed the line in the triathlon. In what has to be the most physically draining event of the games, to have two brothers in the top three goes to show how amazing Team GB have competed at these games.

    The moment Jonny Brownlee crossed the line in 3rd and walked straight over to his brother to congratulate him whilst he was on the floor was unbelievable. Both were exhausted but to see that bond come through was amazing (I’m a twin so know what it feels like!). For Jonny to then get taken away in a wheelchair showed just how much effort he’d put in.

  2. Sam says:

    Best moment for me – Laura Trott winning the omnium gold medal, her second gold of the Olympics. Made all the more special when you realize that she was born prematurely with a collapsed lung and was later diagnosed with asthma! A great athlete, and made me proud to be British.

  3. Ben Stores says:

    Katy Ledeckie coming out of nowhere to abliterate all the other swimmers has to be the moment of the olympics, an unknown person coming from nowhere and winning in such devestating fashion cant be sniffed at! All when on 15 years old as well, has a huge career ahead of her!

  4. Ian M says:

    I think the best moment has absolutely been the USA vs Canada women’s football game. The amount of work those girls put in across two hours, the close calls, near misses, passion and the huge gulf in emotions between the two teams in stoppage time of extra time was inspiring. Especially given the history between the teams and the seeming reversal in Canada’s leads, the new Canadian coach and the courage they showed shrugging off cramps, knee injuries and exhaustion. That’s what the Olympics is all about, people putting everything they have to become immortal.

  5. felicity says:

    definitely definitely greg rutherford winning the long jump. his reaction and joyful, appreciative speech was so heart felt. i actually cried!

  6. Mr. Chopper says:

    Bit lame, but the whole thing from start to (the upcoming) finish.

    I’ve never felt more patriotic than I did during that opening ceremony – I don’t know if it’s the tone deaf obliteration of the National Anthem we’ve become accustomed to at England matches, but I haven’t really felt a sense of pride of where I come from at a sporting event in… Well, since the hug between British Bulldog and Bret Hart at Summerslam 92. It was the perfect start to a Great British games.

    The sight of the runners and cyclists going past famous London landmarks; The partisan roar of the crowd whenever a member of Team GB was announced; The unbridled jubilation whenever a Brit won a gold (too many to list, but in particular Andy Murray and every win at the velodrome); My missus actually getting excited about sport for the first time since Michael Owen scored twice against Arsenal in the 2001 FA Cup Final; The DEVO/Kraftwerk dude who leads the bizzaro spectacle that is the Keirin…

    Fact is, it’s all been mint.

  7. Neil says:

    For comedy its got to be Vania Stambolova falling over a hurdle in the womens 400m heats!

    But other than that Sir Wiggo winning the time trial to complete an olympic and tour de france double was immense!

  8. Elisa says:

    Best moment for me – TAEKWONDO Gold Medal for Joel Gonzalez. So exciting!!!

  9. Nick White says:

    It was that 3 Gold hour…Ennis, Farah, and Rutherford. Watching everything happen on the TV with my three kids, we were a screaming, shouting and crying household. I do not believe we will ever be able to do that again. Simply fantastic.

  10. Daniel Greenway says:

    For me the best moment of the games so far has to be the cameras catching Kirani James and Oscar Pistorius swapping name tags at the end of their 400m heat. When asked afterwards why James spoke of his admiration for the man and that it was a real honour to race against him. James going on to win gold is sporting karma in my eyes!

  11. Soraya Green says:

    Best moment for me was the opening ceremonie. Just the fact we have the #2012Olympics held here in our own Country it the most amazing feeling ever! Everyone has come together as one and embracing every second of it! As well as all the hard work and graft that went into the opening ceremony. I could not be anymore proud to be part of it and a citizen of the United Kingdom! God Bless x

  12. ALI says:

    The amazing atmosphere both at the one venue I was able to experience (afford?!) Earl’s Court – across London – in fact across the whole country – whether experiencing it 1st hand or watching on TV/Big screeens – both patriotic for the fabulous GB TEAM but also support for all competitors from all competing nations! Awesome :)

  13. Lynda Cordukes says:

    My best moment was watching Chris Hoys mum not being able to watch while he raced and then had to ask his dad if he had won!!! The jubilation on her face spoke a million words. My son won under 15 British Chsmps on the track last year so knew exactly how she felt!

  14. Tim says:

    The event organisers pausing a big screen showing of Dirty Dancing on Brighton seafront so the hundreds present could all cheer Mo Farah round that final 53-second lap to cap off the Golden Hour last Saturday night!

  15. Adrian Jay says:

    South African Swimmer Chad Le Clos’s Father; Bert Le Clos. The sheer bursting of pride and joy for his son. It will hopefully spur Parents of the Children of the Legacy, to take their children to sporting events/training and to support them no matter what. Children of our generation will love sport after these games, but it is the support from the parent(s) that will make them into winning athletes. It was immense seeing the pure happiness from Bert Le Clos, which will hopefully inspire Parents everywhere to let their children follow Sport.

  16. Rob says:

    For me, the best moment has been ‘the sculling sloth’ Hamadou Djibo Issaka from Niger limping over the line in the rowing. He only took the sport up 3 months ago and here he was in front of the world competing in the Olympics.

    The crowd cheered as loudly for him as they did any Team GB rowers as they understood that the Olympics is about the world coming together and competing as equals.

  17. Max says:

    There have been many, but my best moment was Andy Murray demolishing Roger Federer to win gold in the tennis. Admittedly I was nursing a gargantuan hangover,(a particularly stirring catfood advert could have had the tears streaming) but the look of elation/relief in the generally despondent Scot, and the emotions on show when he climbed into the crowd to hug his girlfriend and mum, was genuinely moving. So convincing was the victory, Federer went an entire hour without winning a single game, an amazing statistic. Lest we forget, Federer had recently been restored as number 1 in the world, and a month prior had denied Murray and Britain a first Wimbledon since 1936 on the very same court. A well deserved and emphatically achieved gold medal.

  18. Michelle Murphy says:

    The best moment of the games for me was watching the opening ceremony. The sheer detail of the Uk through the ages was amazing and made me very proud to be living in london for the 2012 games.
    The cherry on top was when Team GB arrived to walk the track to David Bowies “Heroes” – epic.
    Something to remember and inspire young people for years to come

  19. Max says:

    There have been many, but for me the best moment of the games was Andy Murray’s demolition of Roger Federer to win Olympic gold in the tennis. So convincing was the victory, Federer, who was recently restored as number 1 in the world, didn’t win a game in over an hours play. An amazing statistic. The victory was made more poignant by the fact a month ago it was Federer who denied Murray, and Great Britain, a first Wimbledon victory since 1936 on the very same court. Admittedly I was nursing a gargantuan hangover that day (a particular stirring catfood advert could have had the tears streaming) but the look of relief / elation on the generally despondent Scot as he won the final point, as well as the emotion shown as he climbed into the crowd to embrace his mum and girlfriend, was genuinely moving. A well-deserved, and emphatically achieved, gold medal.

  20. Michelle says:

    The best moment of the games for me was the opening ceremony
    The sheer detail of the united kingdom throughout the ages was amazing and such a spectacular show.
    The cherry on top was watching Team GB arrive to walk the track to David Bowie’s “Hereos” was truly epic
    Made me very proud to be living in London for the 2012 games and i believe this will inspire a generation to follow in Team GBs footsteps

  21. Tommy says:

    So many highlights to be had and I couldn’t pick a sporting one, as to do that would be to do down the achievements of any other athletes- all of whom command so much respect, they’re on an even keel, so far as I’m concerned. How about the love letter to the NHS in the opening ceremony? Not only was this a beautiful spectacle but it also riled the Daily Mail, which is always pleasing but also summed up what we, real people, lobe about Britain: care, respect, expertise and excellence of it’s people. The Olympics has showed the world that, consistently, since that opening ceremony. Ee, makes y’proud, don’t it?

  22. Nicko says:

    Surely the queen and James Bond?

    If not, then for me I’d go for Wiggo winning in the cycling. That boy is just too good.

  23. Joe says:

    For me the best moment was the opening ceremony, I think it really encapsulated what us Brits are all about and it reminded the world of all the amazing things we have invented which many people in other countries seem to forget.

  24. Joe says:

    For me the best moment was the opening ceremony, I think it really encapsulated what us Brits are all about and it reminded the world of all the amazing things we have invented which many people in other countries seem to forget. It made me proud to be British.

  25. sinead watts says:

    My best moment was watching jessica ennis win her gold medal. Her performance throughout was phernomenal but her final 800m when she dug deep and went beyond what she needed to do, so inspiring! Then to hear the roar of the crowd and the union jacks flying so proud to be british! Fantastic olympics !

  26. Jason says:

    The velodrome has seen some amazing action, heartbreaking and amazing!
    But the best was watching Sir Chris Hoy win his 6th GOLD medal, what a man, a HERO!

  27. plops says:

    I liked that bit when the man ran really fast and then did a jump.

  28. Kasian says:

    For me the best moment of the games is Nicola Adams gold medal against Ren Cancan 16-7. The first woman to win an Olympic boxing gold medal. She lost to Cancan in the World Championships final in May and in 2010. The Olympics are about performing to the best of your ability, when it counts. Some yorkshire grit helps too.

  29. Mike says:

    Even before the games when we put together the Team GB football team – Its something I’d love to see each year now. It gives the youngsters a great chance to shine on a world stage and brings together all the home nations cheering one team and throwing away petty rivalry.

    Failing that when Muzza sang the national anthem through gritted teeth – he must have hated every second of it, but perhaps not as much as i was loving every second of it!! Hang on what was it is said about petty rivalry…???

  30. Gavin Murphy says:

    The best part of these games was just watching Katie Taylor win gold for Ireland.
    She really has done us proud and its been amazing here in london through out the whole of the games.
    Also the sheer scale of the opening ceremony was out of this world. Cant wait to see what the closing ceremony will bring!! Please please pick me … what an end of my time in london!!

  31. Joe says:

    The face of Katherine Copeland when she and her partner Sophie Hosking crossed the finish line in first place to win the women’s lightweight double skulls. All the emotions of becoming an Olympic champion displayed in that one look.

  32. Joe says:

    Michael Phelps’ final race in the Olympics. He is the most successful olympian of all time and he finished his career off in the only way that was fitting for a man who has dominated the pool during his time.

  33. Mr. Chopper says:

    plops – I think you’re getting confused with the man who threw the thing really far.

  34. When Gemma Gibbons, after securing a final place, looked up to the sky and said “I love you, Mum”.

    Really emotional and stirring.

  35. Heather wiseman says:

    The best moment of English tennis was our Andy Murray winning gold at our Wimbledon!! Amaaaaaazing!!!

  36. Jon says:

    Team GB crashing out on penalties. So brave.

  37. Ashley from Pies says:

    Dan Walsh and Daniel Greenway – email asap and I’ll send you the tickets. Hope you have a great night.

    If anyone is in London tonight, we have some spares for Friday too. Four tickets in each party pack. First to email gets the tickets.

  38. Anu from A2000 says:

    Watching Mo Farah win the 1,500 whilst Denise Lewis and Colin Jackson totally joined in the adrenalin rush urging Mo to come on like the rest of the country. Mo finally touching the finish line was a breath-taking race and I screamed and cried at the same time. He also represents what families should be when his daughter and heavily pregnant wife came on the tracks to jubilate with him was truly emotional and memorable.

  39. The best moment was when the USA sprinter Manteo Mitchell carried on running even though he had broken him leg! Now that is dedication!

  40. Ian Johns says:

    FELIX SANCHEZ. Passion from the heart. Was balling with tears showing pride before the medals were given out and then during the ceremony. Absolutely wonderful to show that kind of passion.Was a real great moment of the games showing how great it is to win a Gold for your country after all the work put in.

  41. Carla says:

    There have been so many inspiring moments to choose from super woman Jess Ellis, the speed freaks of the velodrome, the amazing gymnasts,the swimmers,the rowers, the fastest man in the world. But the one most memorable moment was when my daughter and I watched Gemma Gibbons!! Gold medallist:Judo. We were able to watch her go up round after round hearing the commentators slowing building up her personal story, watching the determination on her face the coaches shouting out to their pupils the audience screaming. It was like watching a real life remake of the karate kid, the drama! the anguish! and the all important win! followed by a look to the heavens where she simply said, I love you mum! Obviously my daughter and I were shouting and leaping in our front room willing her all the way. Bonding us together with the emotion. A rare moment for british Judo, of which we had never seen/watched before. Well done Gibbons!!

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