England 1-0 Wales: England Squeak By, Earnshaw Punches A Gift-Horse In The Face (Photos & Highlights)

Chris Wright

7th, September 2011


By Chris Wright

England did a football match against Wales last night. It wasn’t particularly good, but they won 1-0 anyway – chiefly because Ashley Young scored a goal and Robert Earnshaw, thankfully, spent the last few years under the tutelage of the Forest striker’s coaches.

Photos (click thumbs for larger images)…


Highlights (4:19 for Earnie’s horror miss)…

Photos: PA/Video: FATV

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  1. R-Hops says:

    Sorry if this isnt the place to post this, but I want to say R.I.P to the Welsh football fan who died after being attacked at Wembley by other Welsh fans. No one deserves to go to a football match and never come home. A disguisting attack on a fellow countryman because of a club rivalry has resulting in a loss of life. As a Welshman and a football fan, I’m sickened by the news, shouldnt be happening at all.

    On the football side of things, a decent advert for British football. England always had the quality and were too strong, but Wales seem to be improving, good game I thought.

  2. Jay says:

    Echoing R-Hops sentiments. Sympathies to the family.

    Got to admit though, hilarious title.

  3. Davy says:

    @ R-Hops…..Top man and well said, it defys belief that this kind of thing still can and does happen

  4. Purplest says:

    Should point out that it wasn’t club rivalry, as per the police statement, but nevertheless, RIP Mike Dye

  5. Papi says:

    Agreed with Hops.

    About the game, Wales surprised me, especially Ramsey. He is like what Rosicky is for his country’s squad, the metronome of the midfield. England should really have put this one away though, especially at Wembley.
    I also would have liked to see more of Adam Johnson in these past few games. Downing did well last night, but I still think that Johnson has a sharper eye for goal and better off-the-ball movement. Downing has a hell of a cross though. Also think Parker should have started in front of Barry in this one.

  6. :) says:

    well said R-Hops. i can’t understand why people don’t value human life. i don’t think i could physically cause that much pain to a random supporter of another club or anyone for that matter.

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