Horror Hair – Joleon Lescott


4th, December 2006


LescottThere something going wrong at Everton. The results aren’t bad, and the manager seems like a decent chap… so it can only be one thing. A crap haircut. Step up please Joleon Lescott. No picture really does Jolene’s hairdo justice… but after seeing him on last night’s Match of the Day 2, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. It’s part afro, part Shearer tuft.

Lescott, who helped Everton beat West Ham 2-0 yesterday with a series of towering headers was impressive, but, at what cost? All those headers seem to have worn away the front of his head, leaving a little patch of hair where the rest of his mane should be. Keep an eye out for it, it’s a winner. [Mof Gimmers]

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  1. Rob says:

    Without sounding like a killjoy, when he was a kid he was hit by a car and suffered some pretty bad head injuries, that’s why his forehead and hairline look like that.

  2. shailet says:

    Accident or not – daft hair is daft hair.

  3. leroy says:

    i wasonna say the same he was in a major car crash so sayin stuff like that is out of order its not a bad hair cut its the result of all the operations

  4. tommy smyth says:

    the guy should just shave his hair off…it suits black people anyway
    that hair style makes him look almost as ugly as gareth southgate……….almost!