Andy Van Der Meyde Warned Royston Drenthe Not To Join Everton In 2011 Because Of ‘Bacardi, Cocaine And Girls In Short Skirts’

Chris Wright

7th, February 2013


By Chris Wright

“Look at the pelican fly! Come on pelican!”

As has been made public by Dutch website HP De Tijd and reported by the Liverpool Echo today, former Everton wastrel left a voice mail on Royston Drenthe’s phone back on 29th August of 2011, warning him not to move to Liverpool as the city’s nightlife offered “far too many temptations for guys like them”.

The transcript reads as follows:

“Royston, I hear that you are on your way to Everton. Don’t do it boy, I beg you, don’t do it.

“Liverpool has too many temptations for guys like us. Before you know it you will be dragged into the nightclubs.

“There Bacardi flows and you can ski on cocaine; and the women, Royston. Oh man, oh man, oh man. Those British women with their short skirts . . . .’’

Drenthe joined Everton from Real Madrid roughly two days later.

The warning is made all the more poignant by the revelations that came to light about Van der Meyde’s sorry time at Goodison, where he made 20 appearances in over four years at the club as his personal life began to spiral out of control thanks to a heady cocktail of injuries, early retirement, alcoholism, drug abuse, extra-marital affairs and bouts of depression.

You only have to skim these quotes from an interview with BBC Radio Five Live in December to get an idea of the man’s woes.

As for Drenthe, the one-time Dutch international has recently joined newly-promoted Russian Premier League side FC Alania Vladikavkaz, we assume, for purely footballing reasons.

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  1. Gazz says:

    How did they get access to the voice mail?

    • Chris says:

      Sounds like Van der Meyde recounted the phone call to De Tijd if their site is anything to go by. The translation’s a little iffy though.

      For example, “Great cock, that Andy, but what a meddler!”

  2. Gazz says:

    How did they get access to the voice mail?

  3. Sam Bart-Williams says:

    @ Chris: Just had to spit my tea back into my mug reading that “great cock” quote. My colleagues are probably now aware that I am looking at something other than Excel.

  4. Applesauce says:

    The guy’s from the country in which Amsterdam is located and he’s warning a fellow countryman about the nightlife in Liverpool?

    Something doesn’t add up.

  5. Jood says:

    “we assume, for purely footballing reasons”

    Kinda. He actually offered his services to Feyenoord for free, but they didn’t feel like having him at the club.

  6. nevilleneville says:

    Well if you don’t like the place Andy, feel free to return the tens of thousands of pounds you were paid for sitting on your arse week after week, doing f**k all because your millionaire problems were just too overwhelming to kick a ball around! Hope you get raped by a shark and catch leprosy, you useless barrel of monkey spunk.

  7. Terry Shedingham says:

    Excellent caption as always

  8. #6 says:

    Jood, He didn’t want to join them for nothing, maybe no transfer fee or anything. But he stilll wanted his millionaire salary, anyways Feyenoord is better of without him I guess.

    And about the translation, Royston says something like: “Good guy that andy, but he should mind is own business”. But I think the whole article is bullshit and is written as fiction, like a story that could’ve happend.


    *Dutch whoateallthepies follower

  9. @ #6 says:

    Yeah, it is fiction indeed.

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