Meat Cleavers And Cocaine: Former Everton Striker Marcus Bent Provides Your WTF Headline Of The Day

Chris Wright

13th, February 2016


If you’re sat there wondering how Marcus Bent is going on in his retirement then wonder no more. He’s not doing all that well, as it happens.

Indeed, the 37-year-old former Everton, Ipswich and Charlton striker has hit the headlines after being handed a suspended 12-month jail sentence for a crime that sounds like something taken straight out of the Tony Montana playbook…


Bent had previously pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and affray at Guildford Crown Court last September after “confronting two police officers with a meat cleaver and a kitchen knife while under the influence of cocaine”.

This from the Guardian:

Prosecutor Lee Harris said Bent […] was “wild with rage” as he confronted officers after calling police to report intruders in his flat.

No intruders were discovered, but officers found a small amount of cocaine.

Remember kids, not even once.

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