Revealed, what Materazzi said to Zidane

Ollie Irish

10th, July 2006


Having consulted lip-reading experts, I can exclusively reveal what Marco Materazzi said to wind up Zinedine Zidane during last night’s World Cup final (see video below). If you look closely, you’ll see that the Italian hardman definitely said: ‘I played alongside Craig Short for Everton… beat that Jean-Luc Picard…’

UPDATE: In all seriousness, French sports paper L’Equipe has speculated that Materazzi may have called ZZ a ‘terrorist’, or words to that effect, but of course there’s no evidence and Materazzi remains innocent until proven otherwise (which is almost impossible to do, cause only MM and ZZ know the truth).

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  1. Jezza says:

    Dutch commentary! *foams at the mouth, falls over*

  2. Clemen says:

    I read that some lip-readers claim Materazzi said something about ZZ’s sister…

  3. chris says:

    He insulted his sister, calling her whore three times. So he was correct in saying that he did not call him a terrorist and that he did not insult his mother. He’s still without class though not a liar.