Jack Rodwell – An England Player Worth Believing In

Ollie Irish

1st, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

Jack Rodwell smiles at the launch of Everton’s new home kit.

Rodwell: now there is a bright young English footballer worth believing in. From now on, England needs much more of him and players like Adam Johnson, and much, much less Lampard & Gerrard.

Let’s hope the Premier League doesn’t steal his innocence and creative spark, as it has done to so many good young players.

Listening to the ITV football podcast the other day, I had to agree with Peter Drury (I think it was Drury), who wondered why in this country we seem to be obsessed with moving Rodwell back to the centre of defence. As Drury shrewdly pointed out, why must Rodwell transform into a centre-back? He’s a brilliantly talented central midfielder – so why change him?

In England, we seem way too obsessed with centre-backs. Must have something to do with protecting our little island.

Jack, you stay as you are, please.

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  1. syndex says:

    I can’t see everton moving him to centre back any time soon as we have a good crop of you defenders coming through and with arteta and pienaar probably leaving it does not make any sense.

  2. syndex says:

    oh and by the way dan gosling is not far behind him.

  3. mj_blue says:

    But also wouldn’t it be nice to see a central defender comfortable on the ball who is happy to bring it out and go on a run without looking like a fish out of water, a-la Terry’s headrush. Someone who can do something other than pass square along the back 4 or hoof it diagonal to the big man

  4. mizman says:

    yeah its a great point, he doesnt need to be moved to the back just beacuse he is a big lad, he is great on the ball, his passing is good and he gets forward well too. i heard this on the guardian podcast first, cant remember who said it though

  5. Danny says:

    Jack orignaly played as a centre back though so it wouldnt exactly be a transformation. Although he has played as good as any Everton midfielder this season so i would like to see him stay there. A great prospect for the future!

    Staying with Everton long term is a great idea. As you said if he was to move on to one of the “Sky 4” he would get bent and twisted out of shape. Everton are a fantastic Footballing club, he is much better off there!

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