Neil Warnock snaps at last with Dermot Gallagher bearing the brunt

Ollie Irish

23rd, October 2006


WarnockAbout time too! After weeks of: "We’re just happy to be in the Premier League," Neil ‘Sweetness and Light’ Warnock has finally let rip with the sort of post-match comments we had come to know and love from Football League Warnock.

The performance of bald referee Dermot Gallagher – the man who deemed Ben Thatcher’s assault on Pedro Mendes worthy of a yellow card – in Sheffield United‘s match against Everton was the final straw for Warnock. Click below to read what he had to say.

On the penalty awarded to Everton and the red card given to Cluade Davis
"I thought it was a joke. He couldn’t wait to give it and I think he went to blow before the players went into the box. If you look at it, it was negligible. Claude’s quick, he got back there, but there’s no contact there."

On Gallagher’s overall performance
"I just thought it epitomised Dermot’s performance today, I thought he was very poor. For me, he looked like it was retirement time for him. If you didn’t dive or you didn’t go down, you didn’t get anything from Dermot today. The match was all played wrong. I’m a big believer in experience (with referees), but not after today I’m not."

"Maybe Dermot should have retired last season. He had a bad game out there and it is a reflection on the young lads coming through that they asked him to stay on a year. I feel we are keeping young lads back and I was surprised."

[Rob Parker]