Moronic Anti-Celtic Sectarian Abuse Appears On Ex-Referee Jeff Winter’s Personal Website

Chris Wright

12th, January 2012


By Chris Wright

Ex-Premier League referee and Rangers supporter Jeff Winter has had his personal website suspended after several of his blogs (posted during a Christmas trip to Australia and New Zealand) containing incredibly offensive anti-Catholic jibes were circulated by journalists including Gab Marcotti on Twitter yesterday…

The blogs, some of which date back a few weeks, contain repeated references to Catholic priests sexually abusing altar boys, the Pope and a fair few excerpts from a particularly insidious Rangers chant about former Celtic manager Jock Stein.

The theory is that the site has been hacked and the offending material inserted by inflammatory morons with nothing more constructive to offer – though there are reports that Winter may have previous. Indeed, a collection of bigoted material supposedly attributed to Winter is being collated here – though we can’t vouch for it’s validity.

There is an investigation pending and, for Winter’s sake, we pray that turns out to be the case vis-a-vis hacking. If not, may we suggest that he takes time out for a long, in-depth appraisal of the way he chooses to conduct himself.

Let’s wait for an official verdict to come in before all the unavoidable victimisation, hate-slinging, mud-raking and/or name-calling starts but it’s safe to say that, whoever’s responsible for this hate mongering, it’s all just so depressingly idiotic. So depressingly needless.

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  1. syndex says:

    Whilst I do not agree with his viewpoints or the language he has used to express them is he not now a private person with no affiliation to any footballing body and therefore (if these are genuine) within his rights to express his opinions as he chooses.

  2. Wesley says:

    That might sound so, but Johan Cruijff isn’t in any official position now, but everything he says gives thousands of people at ajax and barcelona headaches, just because it is him. People still see him as the great player/coach, as they see Jeff Winter as a referee.

  3. Tinez says:

    If he did write the post, then it’s an extremely poor attempt at delivering an entry about how much he enjoyed New Zealand. Very likely to be hackers.

  4. Leviathan says:

    How on earth is it likely to be hackers? Look at the previous evidence in that link for Christ’s sake. It is unsurprising that the people purporting the idea that he has been ‘hacked’ are Rangers fans.

    It’s time that you Scots faced up to the bigotry and small-minded attitudes that permeate the game up there and instead of blaming the oppo, dealt with it yourselves, in your own clubs. Rangers in particular seem to have a rather worrying problem and it isn’t the first time that one of their supporters has had a fixation with child abuse. No wonder the BNP and NF found such fertile ground for their opinions up there in the 80s. Weirdos.


  5. Coolie says:

    ‘Let’s wait for an official verdict to come in before all the unavoidable victimisation, hate-slinging, mud-raking and/or name-calling starts’, and when has pies ever acted in this manner??

  6. C says:


    Did you just compare Johan Cruijff with a shitty ref?

  7. mike says:

    typical Rangers fan really, if you go on any of their fan sites stuff like this is depressingly common.

  8. HotSpur922 says:

    COYS indeed!

  9. MessiBalls says:

    Thats him alright, a celeb loses the run of himself and blames hackers! bollox. This is an every day occurance in Sccotland and i’ve seen some of Winters posts that are of a similar trend but not as serious as this one. Maybe he was on the piss in NZ and jumped on the computer.

    Hateful little man, thank God he’s not a ref anymore

  10. Kevin Barry says:

    attention seeking again by a forgotten referee

  11. Kevin Barry says:

    attention seeking again by a forgotten referee

  12. Wesley says:


    Comparing and using as a metaphor are two different things my liege :P
    By saying ‘an apple falling on an ant is like an elephant dropping on a human’ I don’t mean an apple is an elephant, right? :)

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