Zlatan Apologises To Female Journalist By Sending Her 19 Roses – One For Every Goal He’s Scored

Chris Wright

16th, March 2012


By Chris Wright

Zlatan: Say it with flowers

You may remember not so very long ago when Zlatan Ibrahimovic, irked at being asked a perfectly legitimate question by Sky Italia reporter Vera Spadini, flicked his headband at her then asked ‘what the f**k she was looking at?’ – well, the good news is that he’s formally apologised. The slightly iffy news being that he’s managed to do so while still coming off as a bit of a chump.

Via Calcio Online’s Twitter feed:

“[AC Milan chairman] Galliani has made sure the Sky presenter will be delivered a bouquet of 19 roses: one for each of Ibrahimovic’s Serie A goals.”

Yep. Along with a ‘clarifying phone call’, Spadini was sent 19 orange roses, each one representative of one of the celestially beautiful goals that Zlatan has plundered with great ease and impudence in the league so far this season.

Hell’s bells. The man can’t even apologise without fluffing his ego in the process.

Via Dirty Tackle