FC Köln Relegated From Bundesliga, Fans Proceed To Set Stadium On Fire (Video)

By Chris Wright

Weird scenes inside the goldmine RheinEnergieStadion, where the Cologne fans didn’t take their relegation down to the 2.Bundesliga yesterday afternoon particularly gracefully – throwing smoke bombs, lighting fires and charging the pitch after their side’s 1-4 defeat to Bayern Munich…

Lukas Podolski’s farewell lap around the ground was also conducted with a heavy riot police escort. Bon Voyage Poldi!

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  1. dbm says:

    no wonder podolski is leaving

  2. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Well he’s left twice now, I doubt they’re all too fond of him.

  3. anna says:

    Podolski got his big farewell before the match, honour lap and all. It was obvious he’s still very much loved by the fans.
    Bunch of idiots spoiled it for everyone else…

  4. Cologne fan says:

    @Anna: If by “bunch of idiots” you mean the team then you’re right. Podolski may be our best player, but even he can’t say he did everything in his power to prevent relegation.

  5. Adam says:

    I will never understand Koln fans love for podolski. He’s left them twice now, he’s been a decent player for them but nothing fantastic yet still they damn near worship him. Now I hear that they are even retiring his jersey number for as long as he is an active player. Seriously koln fans, whats the deal? Why the insane love for a player that has never been all that great and clearly doesn’t love your team all that much?

  6. Tom Jones says:

    @Adam You obviously have no clue. Podolski have been great for Köln. And the first time he left was because Köln needed the money for him and I guess it’s much the same now.

  7. Cologne fan says:

    Flares aren’t fires. We were well pissed, but nobody set the ground on fire.

    Podolski leaving the club should be seen as a chance. Yes, he’s the best player to have played for us in a long time, but he was bigger than the team far too often. At least now there won’t be a heroes worship for one single player. Retiring his number is a disgrace. There have been many fantastic players in Cologne in the past, but never has a number been retired. Podolski isn’t that fucking special. If you ask me if was a mistake to buy him back from Bayern. We’re skint and can’t go spending stupid money like that on one player and end up with a side a shite as the last one.

  8. Leo says:

    Are you retarded? These “Fans” are to blame, if Germany gets all-seater stadia. Ok, 1. FC Köln played a very bad season but there are other ways to express your anger.

    And Podolski was the last memorable player for a long long time. Because of his skills, because of his naturalness, because of giving everything for 1. FC Köln.

    God save Lukas Podolski.

  9. BlnBlnBln says:

    What many don’t seem to understand is that these “idiots”, so called by many of you guys, are the only, and mean the ONLY people in Cologne that don’t quit on their team, never will quit and never did. The club management of Cologne is a shame, players such as Peszko and Brecko via stupid behaviour and players like Novakovic or Geromel via shameful play on the pitch, they all quitted on their team. Finke quitted. But these so called “idiots” never quitted. They are up in the stands every single game, they travel around the country for shitloads of money to be at away games and they’d still do that if Cologne played in the third or fourth division. That’s it, that’s all. They felt betrayed by the club and the club did betray them.

  10. Andrew says:


    lulz from a Borussia fan. Fick Köln.

  11. KingB3113 says:

    I must say, watching this game, I was pretty impressed with how quickly and efficiently the riot police reacted to the situation.

  12. charles jackson says:

    podolski is one of the few players who are loyal to their childhood-club. he came back to them and tried to build a strong team but it just didn’t work out. he’s too good to play 2.bundesliga. so i don’t blame him.
    he doesn’t want to any other any other bundesliga-side. he played a good season but köln wasn’t a true team at all.I hope he will show his skills in the PL.

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