Ray Wilkins Charged With Drink-Driving, May Be Spending A Lot More Time ‘On His Feet’

By Alan Duffy

“You couldn’t give us a lift home, could you?”

Sky pundit and former England star Ray ‘Razor’ Wilkins has been charged with drink-driving after being arrested near his home in Cobham, Surrey on Monday night.

The former Chelsea coach was questioned at Reigate police station before being charged with driving under the influence.

55-year-old Wilkins, who played for Chelsea, Manchester United, AC Milan and QPR, will appear at North Surrey Magistrates’ Court on the 21st of May.

If found guilty, the dome-headed veteran who is famed for his “stay on your feet” catchphrase will himself be doing a lot more walking for the foreseeable future.  (Yes, it is a tenuous and rather hackneyed  link between his arrest and his catchphrase.)

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  1. Ray Wilkins says:

    My word.

  2. shaun says:

    I thought his nickname was ‘butch’

  3. Alan Duffy says:

    @shaun He’s been called both “Butch” and “Razor” in his time.

  4. Toz says:

    When Murdoch’s various media ventures hire, is scumbag a requirenment for employment?

  5. Harsh says:

    “I know *insert John/Frank/Didier or practically any other Chelsea player’s name* personally, and he’s a really good lad.”

  6. Neil says:

    He’s been known as “The Crab” for 30 odd years, due to not being able to pass forward. His only claim to fame is being the only payer to come from Chelsea’s youth team to their firs team, in er…1975. Wanker.

  7. Oh Dear says:

    A man with a bundle of money makes a dreadful decision like this. Get a taxi you miserable kunt!!

    Makes you wonder why he doesn’t have a job now.

    No excuse for this.

  8. p says:

    lol the chelsea hate

    he was probably close to home and wasnt even that pissed

  9. Cosa says:

    ‘My word, Alan, that is a huge gin and tonic’

  10. Jarren says:

    My word indeed, Ray.

    My word indeed.

    My word.

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