‘You Write Crap Stories, Go F**k Yourself!’ – Samir Nasri Erupts At French Journalist After Spain Defeat

Chris Wright

24th, June 2012


By Chris Wright

With France having just wibbled out of Euro 2012 after failing to locate their collective testes amid 90 minutes of tawdry Spanish attrition, Samir Nasri bid bidded bade the tournament farewell by sounding off on a French journalist who had the temerity to ask the midfielder for his opinions on the Gallic merde-fest he had just been part of.

Initially Nasri wafted straight through the media zone and onto the team bus without a word but, having returned to collect some personal belongings he had mistakenly left behind, a member of a French news agency asked the midfielder for a quote.

Nasri bleated: “You are just looking for sh*t, you are always looking for trouble,” to which the reporter replied with a simple: “Get lost!”

This tipped Monsieur Precious Pants over the edge, who flew into an avalanche of foul-mouthed whinnying: “Go f**k yourselves. You write crap stories, so f**k you! F**k your mother, you son of a bitch. Now you will tell the world that I’ve been badly brought up! Come [outside] and let’s fix this!”

Aw Samir, it’s nice that you tried to be all haughty taughty and passionate, but we all know you couldn’t windmill slap your way out of a wet paper bag.


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  1. Lazarus says:

    khwere giz za vizeo

  2. max says:

    maybe this guy does write crap stories
    should we criticize Nasri for telling the truth?

  3. p says:

    i’m with max

  4. gilbert says:


    Oui. He may write crap stories, but Samir HAS played some crap football recently, and is capable of better. Even if Samir thinks the media treat him a la merde, having this kind of outburst won’t help. You don’t see Andy Carroll having a hissy-fits about his treatment by the press/public. Or Rooney. Or Henderson. Or Samaras. Or Arshavin.
    This French team have some real divas, albeit justifiably frustrated ones.

  5. ae says:

    For Nasri, a bad story’s a journalist review that says he played badly. Even when it’s true.

    So frankly, journalists haters and wankers’ advocates, just stop.

    Nasri is a precious little c*nt. Any french speaking person will know what I mean when hearing him in interviews.

  6. Vans says:

    Finally someone had the balls to do it, he should be pariased. Journalists (99%) are scum!

  7. pray4muamba says:

    nasri needs to change his tampon. he was clearly just pissed because his euro dreams are over and he has to retreat back to the man city bench

  8. ghost says:

    I don’t think he ever dreamed about winning a trophy with the national team. The money he got for reaching the quarter finals must be enough.

  9. LiamB Jr says:

    For me Nicolas Anelka, Samir Nasri & Gael Clichy have to be the 3 biggest ex-Arsenal French Pansies football has ever seen

  10. LiamB Jr says:

    Actually, make that 4. I forgot that Gallas loser as well

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