Kevin Doyle Reveals Ireland Players Are All ‘Taking The Piss’ Out Of James McClean Over Twitter Diva Tantrum

Chris Wright

11th, September 2012


By Chris Wright

Republic of Ireland striker Kevin Doyle has revealed that he and the rest of the lads have been tearing strips off winger James McClean after the prima ballerina threw a tantrum at being left on the bench by Trap for Ireland’s 2-1 victory over Kazakhstan on Friday.

McClean took to Twitter during the game, telling the waiting world that he was ‘fuming’ and that it was a ‘f**king joke’ that a 23-year old nobody with three decent games for Sunderland under his belt should be made to suffer the indignity of having to start as a substitute for his country.

Stand-in captain Doyle told a press conference:

“We said it to him straight away, you know, it’s not acceptable and he knew that as well. He realised that within minutes, you know, he tried to delete it and I think he’s shut down his twitter now and everything.

“It should be a help to him. But he was massively apologetic and we ended up the next day joking about it, you know it was fine. It was just a rush of blood to the head.

“It’s been good because it’s probably got him integrated into the group a bit more because we’ve all been taking the piss out of him about it for the last few days.”

From what we hear McClean has been very apologetic for his little shitfit, though it’s not the first instance of him acting like a self-entitled brat. Just where and how, over the course of his fairly average eight-month top flight career does he think that he’s earned the right to start calling the shots, especially at international level?

Grow up and knuckle down.

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  1. Sush says:

    James McLean= F*cking joke

  2. PatBlueIre says:

    He was spot on actually @sush at least spell his name right for fuck sake.

  3. Underpants Gnome says:

    He wasn’t saying it’s a f**king joke, I should be on the pitch. He was saying it’s a f**king joke we are 1-0 down with 5 mins to go against Kazakhstan. You’ve got a problem with James McClean. This isn’t the first time you’ve said he’s average. He has received mostly positive acclaim since he broke into the team. If you don’t like something he’s done or what he says, don’t let it cloud the fact that he has done very well since he broke into the Sunderland team.
    All in all I think the twitter outburst was out of order. He wasn’t fuming about not playing but rather about the fact we were losing to Kazakhstan. None of these footballers should be using twitter. It’s poison.

  4. Zam says:

    As a fan it was fuckin’ embarrassing too.

  5. Our C says:

    He is the f**king joke playing for Northern Ireland from Milk Cup level up to Under 21 then betraying his country and switching allegiance to the Republic. Clearly that backfired as he’s now the laughing stock of both countries!

  6. ChristianVieri says:

    Way off the mark on this one @pies,most of the Irish fans understand and agree with him.Trappatoni is a joke,wrong tactics and wrong team selection.You may think McClean is average,but Trappatoni thinks Simon Cox( a striker) is a better option out wide then a guy who plays 90% off his football there.McClean is being treated like crap by a petty manager who is stuck in the 90’s and has us playing jack charlton style kick-chase rubbish.
    We were embarrassed in the WC and continued that form into the Kazakh game,what is the point in pretending everything is fine and dandy when it isnt?

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  8. Pepe says:

    @ChristianVieri Wind yer neck in, he wasn’t accountable for the fact Given and others had a mare. In fact Trappatoni is one of the only reasons Ireland even qualified for the EUROS (not the world cup..)

  9. Trap-a-tron says:

    @ Our C – He didn’t betray his country, he plays for his country now. If you didn’t have GSTQ as your anthem maybe you could keep some decent nationist players. Your loss, our gain.

  10. Trap-a-tron says:


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