Snapshot: You Can’t Buy Class – West Ham Owner David Sullivan’s Understated Home

Alan Duffy

21st, September 2012


By Alan Duffy

Pint-sized porn king David Sullivan doesn’t like to hide his light under a bushel, whatever the f**k a bushel is. Oh no, the co-owner of cheeky-chappie Cockney West Ham lives it large and wants us all to know.

In the Daily Mail, Sullivan gives the newspaper exclusive access to his Essex mansion.

Note the massive dining table and also the two, yes TWO, Sky remotes on the table in front of him. That’s the kind of high-rolling sex shop kingpin little David is.

Oh, here’s a pic of him outside his palatial pile. Class all round.

Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail – (c) Andy Hooper

Thanks to Mark Segal for the spot!