Snapshot: Milan Fined After Fans Taunt Antonio Cassano With ‘Traitor, Return Your Defibrillator’ Banner

Chris Wright

9th, October 2012


By Chris Wright

“Cassano. Traitor. Give us back the defibrillator”

AC Milan have been fined after fans unfurled a huge banner during Sunday’s Milan derby demaning that ‘traitor’ Antonio Cassano – who did the unthinkable and left the Rossoneri for the Nerazzurri this summer in a swap deal with Giampaolo Pazzini – give back the defibrillator used to revive him after the striker suffered a mild Transient Ischemic Attack (or ‘mini-stroke’) while at Milan in November of last year.

The reference to Cassano’s heart surgery  – of which there were several on show in the terraces during the game – didn’t go down well with the Italian Football Federation, who have fined Milan to the tune of €8,000 for their dimwitted slogans.

Nice one chaps.

(Via Dirty Tackle/Image: @Milanello)

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  1. Anthony says:

    €8,000? There goes the winter budget…

  2. Si says:

    Football fines are hilarious.

    One day (in the near future), I reckon that a team will orchestrate a huge gang-bang in the centre circle before kick-off – possibly involving under-age girls and animals – and will get fined less than what Ashley Cole got for “bringing the game into disrepute” by using, shock horror, a naughty word to express his displeasure of being called a liar.

  3. Pkhakheria says:

    its kind of silly that the Fans seem irked , Cassano never wanted to leave.

  4. Allan says:

    Im not sure why they can be so butt hurt. Hes played for half the teams in Italy

  5. Giancarlo Marcelli says:

    Actually, Cassano did want to leave. After they sold Ibra and Silva, he said many derogatory things about Milan and (stupidly) said that he wanted to win things with Inter (they aren’t even in the Champions League). He behaved like an ungrateful brat towards the team that resurrected his career and life for that matter! I’m am a Rossoneri fan for life, and his actions are disgraceful. I don’t care that he switched allegiances, it’s the manner in which he did it, and the things that he has said. Good riddance!! Only players that want to be at Milan truly should be at Milan!

  6. MGJ says:

    @ Giancarlo – Oh yeah because Milan have always behaved in the most upstanding way not bribing their way to trophies etc…

  7. Stefano says:


    As bold (and horribly written) an allegation as this, surely you have some evidence or proof? Cassano is a cunt, that’s what he was getting at.

  8. Giancarlo says:

    @ MGJ That has absolutely nothing to do with this topic. This is about Cassano and his shitty behaviour toward his teammates (who are supposed friends) and the people who work for Milan. You cannot shame all those people because of one man at the top doing alleged illegal things.

  9. MGJ says:

    I think it has got to do with it, as you mention that he made derogatory comments about the club and you try to portray Milan as a club that has never acted in a manner which is incorrect.
    @ Stefano – 2006, Calcipoli, and the subsequent sanctions following that investigation. Whilst not as bad as Juventus (or found to be not as bad). The there’s Mr Berlusconi…
    I don’t know Cassano as a person so can’t comment on him being a “cunt” as you so eloquently put it. He has seemed to be problematic in the past and has certainly found it difficult to settle anywhere for any amount of time, but I take exception at someone branding him as an individual who hasn’t acted properly on certain occasions when that club itself has not done so. He is free to say and do as he likes, we don’t know what has happened behind the scenes and he won’t be the last player to leave a club. He is a human being and everyone makes mistakes. He is also in charge of his own career and if that means a move to another club, so be it.

  10. Stefano says:

    You can’t comment on Cassano because you don’t know him but you’ll comment on Berlusconi and the entire club of Milan? You’re a walking hypocrite.

    Also, he is not free to say and do as he likes (i.e. the homophobic comments and the subsequent fines he rightly received) because he was held to the club by a binding contract. If they wanted to, Milan could’ve frozen him out and ended his career. Instead, they took the high road and transferred him to the club of his choice. It’s not the fact that he wanted to leave, it’s the manner in which he did it (i.e. by being a cunt).

  11. Giancarlo says:

    I agree that Berlusconi is not an ideal person, but this is more about Cassano and what he said about the team and him bailing on Milan for Inter of all teams.

  12. MGJ says:

    A club that allows that banner to be put up has to be questioned seriously. Ultimately the buck stops with the owner and the management of the club but so called fans also play their part. Disgusting behaviour and something you Stefano obviously have no problem with. I habe no issue with anger at players leaving for rival clubs but doing something like that just depicts an utter lack of class and human decency.

  13. Stefano says:

    You ACTUALLY think that the fans want the defibrillator back! Wow. It all makes sense now….

    By the way, they don’t.

  14. MGJ says:

    You ACTUALLY think I think that! Wow! What I DO think is that it is incredible that they would use his medical problems as a way of sending him a message what they think of him. Traitor would have sufficed. To think this is the same sport that chanted out Fabrice Muamba’s name in support of the lad, and here we have people trying to send a message to a man by using something against him that nearly ended his career if not his life. Quite frankly I’m bored of discussing this with you as I see we just disagree fundamentally on what is morally acceptable.

  15. Stefano says:

    This is also the same sport where corruption is normal, diving is common, racism is rife and hooliganism is widespread. A tongue-in-cheek banner is what makes you question it all? Get real.

    By the way, all I ever asked for was proof that supported your allegation that Milan had/has been “bribing their way to trophies.” Instead you spun it into some moral battle. Simply typing “calcipoli” means nothing, by the way.

    Anyways, I had a good time arguing with you. It was like arguing with a religious person. Very entertaining.

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