Bless His Little Cotton Socks: Sepp Blatter Thinks People Boo Him Because ‘He’s A Star’

Chris Wright

15th, January 2013


By Chris Wright

Bless his deluded little cotton socks, Sepp Blatter thinks he gets booed everywhere he goes because he’s – and we quote – “a star”.

Just let that sink in for a moment, then read these quotes from Sepp after being asked by the Guardian why he thought the 80,000-capacity Wembley crowd almost universally booed him during the womens’ football medal ceremony at the London Olympics last summer:

“This was just a very, I would say, a small boos. Stars are always booed so I’m a star, you have to take it this way.

“I thought that the public in the Olympic Games, they would be a little bit better educated.”

Oh Sepp. Let us count the ways in which you are utterly and entirely wrong.

That’s some classic Blatter delusion-piled-atop-delusion right there. In the space of three incredibly brief statements, he’s somehow managed to completely skip over a cauldron-full of loathing directed solely at him, anoint himself as a global celebrity and insult the intelligence of the entire general public.

Three-for-three. The mental gymnastics required are perversely impressive.

Blatter also went on to say that once he hands in his badge and gun at FIFA, he plans to “live a dream he had when he was a young boy” and snag himself a job as a football commentator/pundit.

Never has Steve Claridge seemed so witty and insightful.

(Via Dirty Tackle)