The Most Disgusting Decision In Football History?

Ollie Irish

1st, February 2010


By Ollie Irish

The Confederation of African Football (CAF), in its infinite wisdom, has decided to ban Togo from participating in the next two African Cup of Nations.

Yes, you read that correctly. Read it again though, just to be sure.

CAF also fined Togo $50,000 for quitting the competition prematurely.

Yes, you read that right too.

I can not believe the crassness of CAF’s ruling. In case you needed reminding, Togo only quit the tournament because their team bus was attacked by gunmen, an ambush which killed two members of their group.

The cowards at FIFA have declined to comment on the ruling (at time of posting). Another disgraceful move by Sepp Blatter and co., as any sane person can see that this decision is not only plain wrong, but stupendously insensitive and offensive too. Indeed, I can’t recall a decision in football that shocked and appalled me as much as CAF’s brain freeze.

I have no doubt that the decision will be overturned – it has to be – but the fact it was made in the first place is shameful.