16 ADO Den Haag Fans Hospitalised During Game After Eating ‘Adult’ Cakes Served In Corporate Box

By Chris Wright

Soccer - Friendly - ADO Den Haag v Real Valladolid - ADO Den Haag Stadion

“Oh man…that sign’s like…so big and GREEN man…”

ADO Den Haag spanked Feyenoord 2-0 in the Eredivisie last weekend but that wasn’t nearly as heavy as things were getting in the terraces.

According to reports emanating out of Dutchland, 16 ADO fans had to be taken to hospital during the game after falling ill and passing out in the stands. After undergoing tests, it was found that all of them had ingested a healthy amount of “space cake” which was served up in one of the corporate boxes at the Kyocera Stadium.

A club spokesman told the press that they have no idea how the special brownies made their way to the box, and was at pains to mention that the boxes are not the club’s responsibility on match days, rather the companies that hire them.

A police investigation is now underway into how all that nasty marijuana got into the supporter’s systems.

We reckon we might have an inkling officers.

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  1. tipo 00 says:

    going to hospital after a bit of weed? deary me, poor show holland. i thought they liked a toot over there.

  2. Mokum says:

    @Tipo 00 Problem with cakes is that it’s much harder to control intake than with other methods, and it’s easy to get sick if you don’t know what you’re even eating. Doesn’t surprise me they’d pull a prank like this at Den Haag, the smell when entering the old Zuiderpark stadium was always the same.

  3. Daniel Swildens says:

    Supporters and corporate boxes don’t go into the same sentence.

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