Referee Responsible For Sending Off Cristiano Ronaldo Suspended For One Month, Banned From Officiating Real Madrid Games

Chris Wright

7th, February 2014


By Chris Wright

Miguel Angel Ayza Gamez, i.e, the referee who sent Cristiano Ronaldo off for softly molesting the face of Athletic Bilbao’s Carlos Gurpegi on Sunday evening, has reportedly been banned for one month and is in danger of being demoted from officiating in Spain’s top flight as a result of the debatable decision.

Ronaldo was hit with a three-match ban for the straight red (which Real Madrid are in the process of appealing against) but it seems that Gamez is to receive and altogether more substantial punishment for his decision to administer it.

According to radio station Cadena Cope, Spain’s refereeing technical committee have dropped Gamez for a month and will not be appointed to oversee any further Real Madrid matches until at least the end of the season.

They’re even suggesting that he may be relegated from La Liga’s list of match officials – which all seems a little on the harsh side, but hey ho.

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  1. Tom the bees fan says:

    i watched some of this match and it was a disgrace to football. They ALL should have been sent off. constant fouling when the ref wasn’t watching and the other half of the time they doing great big swan-dives.
    i know premier league refereeing is not perfect but thank god we don’t have to watch games like that in the premiership

  2. Joe says:

    I can’t see any of this affecting any future refereeing at the Bernabeu. Why would officials think twice about their decisions if it only meant the possible curtailing of their career? It’s a disgrace that Real, who are spending millions on this kid, have to put up with the nuts & bolts of football. Isn’t that just for the poorer clubs? If I were them, I’d form my own league with other oppressed clubs like Manchester United & Paris Saint Germain so that they have the freedom to express themselve in whatever manner their sponsors demand.

  3. dc says:

    ABSOLUTE FUCKING DISGRACE at the highest level from Real

    Just another way for them to intimidate referees and “buy” refereeing decisions. They’ve been doing it for a century but it’s amazing that in this day and age of instant news and transparency that it’s still happening. But when you realize that the majority of the RFEF governing body, who dole out punishments and cherry pick referees, is made up of people from Madrid, it makes perfect sense.

  4. Al says:

    @ Joe – ha ha, love it, they are such a put upon minority just like united. It looked like a girly hair pull to me

  5. Gattsu says:

    Is famous Real fan Franco back in charge?

  6. INTER291103 says:

    If only we could get referees banned here in Italy too… Tagliavento is still considered one of the best italian referees despite loads of disgraces in both Serie A and Champions League games.

  7. Rob says:

    He should have got a red just that annoying smile of his.

  8. Chris H says:

    Not exactly Ronaldo’s biggest fan, but HE would have been proud of the way that player went down……

  9. Amer says:

    I’m SURE none of those individuals who commented on the incident actually watched the match, or at least witnessed the incident. Everyone who did, and I mean everyone not including RM fans, was disgraced by the RED card. Sports fans need to be smarter and unbiased rather than accusing, or instigating, hatred. Remember, BE FAIR TO ALL!

  10. muyideen says:

    That referee was too harsh on ronaldo.He deserve the punishment

  11. Lionel Messi says:

    I think that not only is this a red, but he should have all recently won awards stripped.

  12. Jeremia says:

    @ Amer
    No one says it’s a fully good red card (although I firmly believe everyone who attempts discussing anything with a referee should get one), still, the reaction the referee got from the higher ups is complately unproportional. I mean, Howard Webb should have been guilotined ages ago.

  13. SL says:

    Its a red.

    As a QPR fan, we had 2 appeals for reds against man u an norwich, both were upheld on appeal despite being far far less contact than this.

    theyve bought off the officials.

  14. mati ochujman says:

    Would never happened if he send off somebody else and not this arse gunner

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