Mard Arse: Cristiano Ronaldo Throws Petulant Tantrum After Alvaro Arbeloa ‘Steals’ His Goal Against Almeria

Chris Wright

30th, April 2015


By Chris Wright

As well as James Rodriguez’s marvellous 25-yard walloper, Real Madrid’s 3-0 victory over Almeria in La Liga last night also saw workhorse right-back Alvaro Arbeloa score his first league goal in over five years.

Ordinarily, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn’t feel at least a faint flicker of enjoyment at seeing a man break such a duck – until you remember that Arbeloa plays in the same team as Cristiano Ronaldo.

As well as angrily hoofing the ball into the net in frustration after being robbed of his 40th league goal of the season, Ronaldo was also captured on camera sulking because Arbeloa didn’t relinquish the tap-in to his obvious superior…

It’s at these moments, when the mask slips just slightly, that you can just tell it’s never really been a team game in Cristiano’s mind.

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  1. Liam says:

    What a massive twat he is.

  2. EDub says:

    For CR7, pichichi > Liga Title

  3. Ron says:

    That’s fucking pathetic. What a fucking cunt. Your team scores and yet you’re pissed. I’d hate to have to play with that asshole.

  4. TravisKOP says:

    Terrell Owens had a similar personality when he was still playing in the NFL, amazing player but just such a cunt

  5. Nico says:

    When he gets upset because he could have scored a goal, everybody insults him. However, when the Bernabeu chants his name when Almeria scores an own goal and he doesn’t take credit for it, everyone ignores that. He’s not mad with Arbeloa, he’s upset because he could have done better. He gets angry with himself because that’s how you get better. The second you get satisfied with your work, you will never progress. If Ronaldo would have been satisfied with his work, we would have staid at Sporting and never become the player he is today. Which is, whether you like him or not, at least the second best player in the world, if not the best.

  6. squiggle says:

    It looks bad from there but from here he just looks amused:

    And he congratulated Arbeloa almost immediately:

  7. Neil #2 says:

    thank you squiggle — so easy to build players up just to take them down. I’m neither a Madrid nor a CR7 fan — but the suggestion that he’s sulking is preposterous.

  8. Jarren says:

    Wow, awesome work squiggle.

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