Why No British Football Fan Should Ever Buy The Mail On Sunday Again


17th, May 2010


By Ashley Norris

That smug looking football-hating barsteward above is Peter Wright. Let’s get him on trial for treason

So, in case you missed it, The Mail on Sunday wires up a kiss and tell girl with a recorder who then tries to snare Lord Triesman, Chair of the FA and head man of England’s 2018 World Cup bid into making saucy comments. Instead he mutters something completely hat stand about how the Russians and the Spanish might bribe refs at the World Cup. Cue meltdown of our bid.

Ok, before we get too harsh on Lord Triesman, who hasn’t said something stupid in their life especially when 1, trying to impress a woman and 2, under the influence of alcohol? Ultimately he has done the right thing in resigning, but I think the bigger story is not about the Lord’s dubious comments but about why the Mail on Sunday published the story in the first place.

Let’s face it, after a couple of expensive and tricky World Cups in South Africa and Brazil, FIFA needs a safe European pair of hands to do a Germany ’06 in 2018. They need a country that’s passionate about football, has loads of great stadiums and will deliver amazing media coverage. That puts us in pole position. We really were the favourites. We can do a better job than our Russian and Spanish rivals, and it is our turn. The fact

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  1. mizman says:

    here here should be ashamed

  2. Chris says:

    It’s yet another example of newspapers trying to engineer news rather than merely report it – as is their duty.

    What the Mail have done is corrupt, malicious and above all, pointless, yet the real sad fact is that it is not at all surprising any more.

  3. Charles says:

    This journalistic intergrity of most papers in this country is beneath contempt. How can you actually take this story seriously? I mean anyone, from PM to..i mean anyone could be trapped by this kind of engineered journalism. Lord Tribesman comments were unofficial,he was probable drunk and was, most imortantly believed to be talking to a someone he called a friend. I would like to see a video of this conversation. I am pretty sure that this conversation was a more or less a joke.
    Now, News of the world stiched up Sven which lead to his sacking. Afterwards, i have never spent a penny on that paper. If you pay me to read them, i wouldn’t. As for Daily Mail, the same will apply to them. This story is not in public interest,it was printed solely for the selfish interest of Daily Mail.
    England will probably not win the bid,all because some low life of an editor wants to be famous.

  4. tom says:

    English society will only get better the sooner we rid ourselves of Cancerous Newspapers such as this and shame on anyone who actually buys the M.O.S you should all be ashamed for encouraging this lamentable Journalism !!!!!!

  5. mathers says:

    Terrible, there should be entrapment laws against this sort of thing. The sun are terrible at this sort of thing as well

  6. Ollie says:

    Hear hear, Ash

  7. I’m infuriated by this. What was gained by this story, besides a few more copies of a newspaper sold, only to tossed in the recycling bin on Monday? A man’s career destroyed, and more importantly, a severe blow to what would have been a dream for every football fan in England?

  8. JaredSS07 says:

    “1 Possibly cost the country billions of pounds. I bet Dave Cameron is livid. The World Cup would generate billions of pounds in tourism, construction and more. Now we look to have lost all that, possibly.

    And this isn’t just a story about England. The tax generated by all those tourists etc would be good news for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too. And footy fans from those countries are hardly going to turn their nose up at having the World Cup on their doorstep.”

    Read Soccernomics about how Germany most likely lost money while hosting the World Cup. http://www.amazon.com/Soccernomics-Australia-Turkey-Iraq-Are-Destined/dp/1568584253

  9. Chenx says:

    So when the winning bidder of the 2018 World Cup is announced and it isn’t England will the Mail on Sunday/Daily Mail proudly print the headline “We did that”. I think not. Peter Wright obvioulsy thinks that newspapers are smarter than their readers. What did the idiot think would happen when he chose to print it? He may have thought he had a scoop news item on his hands but at what cost to the country. No football fan in England should EVER buy this paper again. Martin Samuel (their supposed chief “football” writer)has had an axe to grind against the FA and Triesman for ages and even now he’s blaming everyone else but his own newspaper. Self-righteous burke.

  10. syndex says:

    No one in the media is saying it, the facist on sunday screwed england bacause they couldn’t find a diana tell all or a immigrants are bastards header. They should be ostracised and the smug bastard reporter gutted and garrotted by his own bleeding entrails

  11. […] portrait printed in the paper. Thinking about it is making me feel physically ill. As the wonderful Pies points out, this woman and the editor of the Mail have cost their country not only the joy of hosting the […]

  12. M C says:

    Fantastic, yet simple summary of why the smug twat (Wright) should be out of a job, and why the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail should be boycotted.

    You could have guessed beforehand, though, couldn’t you? That some letcherous, meddling, erratic little fat man would have a wager with his presumably slightly less-smug arsehole colleagues that he could bring dwn the bid.

    This article says we were in pole position. I don’t agree it was that clear cut, however what it has done is effectively ended our chances at winning the 2018 WC, sparing a very convincing “distancing” exercise from the “offending” Lord Triesman.

    …but imagine for a second if we DID win it (and the trophy itself).

    Lord Triesman should be made the guest of honour. That sight, in 2018, might just be far enough into the future to give Reverend Wright, after all his rabbling and meddling, a nice, hearty coronary.


  13. Pieman says:

    not to mention Mosley, and the fact only half wit tory wives read the mail.

  14. Rach says:

    What is it with the media in this country that they have to destroy any bit of hope and potential glory that we ever have. They continually contribute to build people up to heroes then love to knock them down and always revel in failure. Lets hope we do amazing in the world cup this year and halt all the negative press for a short while at least!

  15. PM says:

    I was a reader of the Mail on Sunday – I consider it too disrespectful to the potato even wrap my chips up with ‘it’. How do they intend to recompense the £2b expected revenue they have cost the country?
    An awful and wholeheartedly despicable handling of the situation – fair enough there was a story there but not one that was in the interest of the country or the footballing world, a few quiet words and an ‘ill-health’ resignation is what should have happened – a failure of the 2018 bid will stand firmly at the door of the Mail on Sunday – a scar that will never heal.

  16. MisoSoup says:

    The Mail? For office boys, by office boys. (Lord Beaverbrook)

  17. Footy Phil says:

    I absolutely agree with all the vitriolic comments against the editor and reporter of what is a pathetic attempt to create a news story! Is it newsworthy? NO. Is it in the publics best interest? NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. I and many like me live in hope that I will see my beloved England win the Footy World Cup. I also, given that there is little chance, feel that the next best thing would be to have it staged in my country. If our bid fails cos of these sort of cheap and nasty tabloif tricks then I agree that they should be held accountable. I beleive we should not read another word ever written by Samuels again! Everyone should be respectful of our efforts to win the bid. Sadly this pathetic attempt at journalism is cras. Woodward or Bernstein you are not Samuels (by he way,get a haircut you mong!), and the MOS is not the Washington Post.

  18. To be honest you cannot blame journalists for doing their job. I severely doubt England would have won the bid anyway as FIFA clearly dislike England.

  19. Ash Morgan (Australia) says:

    There is only one thing you can do guys. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and any other website you care to mention, and implore everyone to boycott the Mail on Sunday. It’s the only way Newspaper publishers will ever learn that they cannot treat the footballing public in such an arrogant manner.

  20. D C says:

    A boycott of all Mail publications by all England supporters could easily drive them into bankruptcy. A dramatic fall in sales would lead to a similar fall in advertising revenue. We can send them to the dole queue.

  21. Lowey says:

    Anyone who buys the the Mail on Sunday of Daily Mail from now must be retarded

  22. Dave Macbeth says:

    Very naive view BillyBremner. The job of newspapers is to report the news, not synthesize and fabricate their own by setting people up. The Daily Mail is and always has been a grotty right wing tabloid rag masquerading as a quality newspaper.

  23. peter rose says:

    you couldn’t make it up could you ?
    the editor at the mail and his cohorts must have known that a pathetic little story like this would have blatter and his mates sharpening their knives.
    fifa have had it in for the english game for years and now a turncoat editor from the sunday mail has helped them shove the knife in right up to the hilt, i hope he gets what what he deserves.
    lets have a march to the headquarters or on this guys house

  24. Matt Robinson says:

    site fire to the c*nt

  25. Pete Briers says:

    The judge who refused the FA’s request for an injunction in this case must also shoulder some of the blame – what public interest did he see in publication?

  26. Paul Moore says:

    The mail has steeped overt he boundary now I for one will not be buying it again! Join my facebook group to show your disgust http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=108707589173373

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  29. Talonade says:

    Could have written this article 40 years ago to be fair, with the rationale being that its a bag of scare-mongering fascist shite.

  30. […] portrait printed in the paper. Thinking about it is making me feel physically ill. As the wonderful Pies points out, this woman and the editor of the Mail have cost their country not only the joy of hosting the […]

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