Guess What Egotist Cristiano Ronaldo Named His Son?

Ollie Irish

8th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

C-Ron’s sister, Katia, has revealed the name of her bro’s new baby, and you almost certainly guessed it from the headline: “The baby is doing very well, Katia said. “We are looking after him while Cristiano is away.

“He’s called Cristiano, just like his dad. Cristiano chose the name but we like it. He looks like his father and like me. He has the same eyes. We don’t know the mother, we never met her.”

The narcissist has no need for baby-name books. God help you, Cristiano Junior. A young life clad in Gucci baby clothes awaits. Maybe you’ll even see your old man a few times.

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  1. Greg says:

    oh woooooow, a father named his first born son after him, cause thats not natural AT ALL. only fathers with really really big egos do that.

  2. haha says:

    yeah that was a bad idea. but hey look at the history and youll see generations of kings named after the same person.

  3. Meji says:

    This should be in The Sun. The man named his first son after himself. Good on him.

  4. Kebiru says:

    If in portugal they names, come 2 Nigeria we’ve more than enough names! Or better still i call the baby Criti.

  5. Kebiru says:

    If in portugal they names, come 2 Nigeria we’ve more than enough names! Or better still i call the baby Cristi.

  6. EJ says:

    I’m still trying to get my head around C-Ron paying a lady in the US to be the surrogate, if it’s true.

  7. Alicia says:

    I think these remarks are really unkind. Ronaldo is a great guy and is obviously very proud of his son. Most fathers like to call their sons by the same name as themselves so whats the difference. Congratulations Ronaldo I hope your son will have a long and happy life.

  8. Joe says:

    Why didn’t he just buy a chihuahua like all the other tarts?

  9. C says:

    “Cristiano chose the name but we like it.”

    BING! Is that my sarcasm radar going off?

  10. Leeroy says:

    Ronaldo a complete Tosser & an egomaniac ! Alicia – How do you know he is a great guy ? Most fathers that live in the real world do not call their sons by the same name, the big difference is being a vain overpaid twat.

  11. paulo rossi says:

    you’re all bitter

  12. Bluebybirth says:

    haha “maybe you’ll see your old man once in a while.” brilliant

  13. Barack Obama says:

    Did the lil’ Cris dived out of his mom’s vagina?
    Or maybe it’s all just smoke and mirrors as Gaynaldo adopted some African baby with his boyfriend – it’s so trendy now

  14. B says:

    you guys are all retarded alot of people are named after their parents and besides, ronaldo is great, one of the best soccer players of all time he’ll always be remembered and loved by portugal. Im saying this and I dont even like him or Portugal.

  15. Luke says:

    I like what joe said ^

  16. aalysia says:

    if a normal mn named his son after him everyone would be like “awww that’s so cute” so what’s wrong with ronaldo wanting to name his FIRST CHILD HIS FIRST SON after him. people please find something better to complain about and stop being JEALOUS of cristiano. congrats bro on the birth of your first child

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