Paul Gascoigne Shows Up At Raoul Moat Stand-Off, Describes Wanted Gunman As ‘Good Friend’

Ollie Irish

9th, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

Paul Gascoigne, of all people, showed up at the Raoul Moat police cordon in Rothbury earlier this evening and asked to talk to his friend ‘Moatie’. Gazza had brought the suspected killer some food (chicken), alcohol (can of warm lager) and warm clothing. We’re not making this up.

The 1990 World Cup hero described Moat as “a good lad” and claimed there was no chance of the man wanted in connection with three shootings trying to harm him, as they are mates. We’re not making this up.

Police officers didn’t allow Gascoigne access to the scene of the stand-off. Very wise, as Gazza is clearly headmental, poor chap.

During a bizarre interview with Metro Radio, Gazza mumbled: “He [Moat] is willing to give in now. I just want to give him some therapy and say ‘come on Moaty, it’s Gazza’.

“I guarantee, Moaty, he won’t shoot me. I am good friends with him.”

We’re not making this up. Depressing, innit.

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  1. Barack Obama says:

    Scum to scum. Nothing new really

  2. Jimmy Five Bellies says:

    Wasn’t the ‘something to keep him warm’ item actually a jazz mag, I’m not making it up either!

    I love Gazza and what he did last night makes me love him even more, maybe this could be a new career for the man.

  3. WTF this can’t b true wat a funny fucker

  4. joe-carl says:

    gazza is fine, worship that geordie now, you fat yid

  5. d ne mind says:

    Yeah……..AS IF !!!

  6. kritter says:

    Just another brave brave English lad.

  7. meesh says:

    well it takes some guts to do what he did , and i belive if the police wud of let him through to talk to him it would not of come to an end like it did . well done for at least trying i say

  8. Maoul Roat says:

    Gazza. Wife beater, mentalist, alcohol dependant chav scum.
    Moaty. Wife beater, mentalist, steroid dependant chav scum.

    Gazza is beneath contempt, as are all the “Moaty ” clingons. Karl Ness-super chav, pumped up roid head. Tony Laidler, the same, except he’s a stuttering imbecile who can’t string a sentence together, as he proved when interviewed by Ian Collins on Talksport about “Moaty’s” hatred of the police ….”Aye, like…the ppppolice yooz ta sssstoppim arl tha time like”

    Sadly typical of the lonsdale wearing meff underclass emerging in crap britain.Gazza, when you need a new liver, I hope the doctors remember taht you brought some chicken, a dressing gown and a can of lager for a pumped up psycopathic wife beating, child abusing murderer….mind you, he was a gentleman wasn’t he?

    Rot in hell Gascoigne you piece of scum.

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