Talksport Idiots Not Aware Of Yaya Toure

Ollie Irish

23rd, July 2010


By Ollie Irish

Saw this last week but forgot to post it until today. My short-term memory is a shambles… where was I? Oh yes, the fat pricks at Talksport:

Get in there Steve. Excellent work on behalf of fans who do look outside the Premier League.

Perhaps if Mike Parry spent less time eating, he’d have noticed Yaya Toure existed before the 2010 World Cup.

Hell’s bells, the level of football expertise in this country is a disgrace. If sections of the mainstream media were less concerned about hiring big-mouthed ‘characters’ (DJ Spoony, Tim Lovejoy, Jeremy Kyle, Colin Murray etc.) and took more interest in the great number of open-minded football journalists who do know what they’re talking about (Jonathan Wilson, Gabriele Marcotti, Rafael Honigstein, Simon Kuper etc.), you wouldn’t end up with so many deluded England fans who think John Terry is better than Lucio only because they haven’t even heard of the latter.