Spanish Newspaper AS Photoshop Defender Out To ‘Prove’ Dani Alves Was Offside

Chris Wright

23rd, February 2011


By Chris Wright

Spanish newspaper ‘AS’ is widely known to be firmly entrenched in Real Madrid’s corner as far as footballing allegiances go, and their ridiculously partisan bias was given yet another airing on Monday.

The paper have been forced to apologise for photoshopping Athletic Bilbao defender Koikili out of the photo (above) they used to illustrate just how ‘offside’ Barca’s Dani Alves was in the build-up to the Catalan side’s opening goal last weekend – the swines.

Feel free to compare and contrast with video footage of the actual incident…

A spokesman for AS issued a vague statement this morning, saying that the rag ‘apologised for the error in the computer graphics in the 1-0 incident’.

See? It was all just a harmless ‘computer error’ – nothing to see here, move along.

Image via Deadspin.