Football GIF: Sergio Busquets Doing What He Does Best

Chris Wright

28th, April 2011


By Chris Wright

Sergi Biscuits is as Sergi Biscuits does

What a prick.

GIF via Lasagna Chef.

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  1. Soccer Professional says:

    This guy is a real sneaky rat in the soccer world.
    The soccer authorities need to work this behavior out of our game.

  2. St Michael says:

    He’s a cunt. Is it public knowledge since last year.

  3. andrei says:

    does anybody have the gif when Adebayor actually kicks Busquests in the face?
    also, when Marcelo stamps on Pedro?

  4. Sam says:

    i couldnt believe what i was watching, i knew pepe didnt touch alves first time i saw it. then dani went to the floor like his leg was in the stands, no barca players checked to see if he was ok. he had the nerve to then get stretchered off! and sat up before he was off the pitch telling the carriers to put him down! )*£&”()%%^&”)$&%*%%^

  5. pooky says:

    If Drogba can get a 3 match ban for his “f***ing disgrace” rant bringing the game into disrepute, surely Busquets (and Alves) should be blindfolded and shot for his recent contributions to the “beautiful game”. God I despise Barca – it’s not like they need to cheat now, is it?!!

    Go United…

  6. j says:

    how can the exact same thing happen two years in a row and no one does anything about it

  7. Sleeba says:

    What happened to Real, Chelsea etc will happen to Man Utd at Wembley.

  8. Sleeba says:

    Also if he was a biscuit? Jammy fucking Dodger!!

  9. tomas says:

    fucking cheting little scum. he needs to be eradicated this busqets, fucking peace of shit

  10. Juan says:

    to “Sam”: how fucking blind are you? did you not see the contact Pepe’s cleats made with Dani Alves’ leg? he fucking spun like a helicopter… say what you want about the playacting by Busquets, but Marcelo DID stomp on Pedro’s leg, and the Pepe “tackle” if you can even call it that. In my country depending on what state you live in we call that “assault” or “assault & battery” or adding the cleats, “assault with a deadly weapon” fucking cunt

  11. Filipe says:

    @”’Juan”’ Yes violence is not conndemmed is it..But football is a contact sport and of course your gonna get contact and fouls, To me Real madrid even though they were negative in there tactics didnt deserve to lose that game, if Pepe never got sent off for barcelonas moaning at the ref as per usaul and dani alves playing acting like he got shot by shot gun, Real may have nicked a goal and won it 1-0, and went to the camp nou with real hope.
    But look now.
    Barca really do anoy me with the boring passing up and down for half an hour and wait for someone to make a run, Messi was able to score the two goals especialy his second, because the was space in midfield because of Pepe’s sending off, never in a million years it was sending off, yellow card max.
    Enough said Barca piss me off, and I hope for Real madrid come back ;) lool

  12. Amjalice says:

    In el classicos, I used to always support Barca. But after the Arsenal Barca game, I lost all respect I had for Barca. It really is so frustrating how they always gang up on the ref after every f*cking foul. I’m wondering if Barca is a football academy or drama schooL?
    Alves, Biscuits, Valdez, and Pedro are the scum of the football world. So much for “Respect” and “Fair Play”. Messi might be class, but Barca are not.

  13. Scott says:

    @Juan. Sorry mate. Pepe didn’t touch Alves.

  14. TravisKOP says:

    GOD, ever since he took to the pitch at Barca Ive fucking HATED this guy, what a dodgy little twat, someone needs to seriously beat his ass so he learns, every game i watch hes doing something shady, hes a fucking weasel.

  15. Scott says:

    I’ll hand it to Messi, Iniesta, Puyol, Pique and Xavi, I never see those guys diving and play-acting. I loathe Barca, but they have some guys who actually play the game with a tad of respect.

  16. Andy says:

    @Juan obviously not as blind as you…. “did you not see the contact Pepe’s cleats made with Dani Alves’ leg? he fucking spun like a helicopter”. Yes he did, but not from any contact by Pepe cos he never touched him! It’s difficult to see contact when there is none.

  17. me says:

    seriously guys did u see the last clasicos ?? and how did madrid play
    they were hitting barca players all the time and the refs didnt do anything … no wonder busqi or even dani are taking advantage of every small tackle … and if u wanna talk about acting check out di maria at the first half ..

    last year the refs helped inter go to the final in each match .. no one said anything about that .. the year before when barca played against chelsea at the camp nou chelsea players were so agressive and two of them were supposed to be sent off .. but when it came to the stamford bridge everyone started to cry poor chelsea !! when you want to talk about the refs check out the whole match not only one condition !

  18. Sebastian says:

    man i hate this guy

  19. JesusT says:

    are you guys serious?

    this kid fucking owns the holding midfield position better than Xabi Alonso or Mascherano.

    if Ronado can dive, why can’t he do this?

  20. Tom Jones says:

    @Scott If you never see Messi or Puyol play acting then you can’t have seen many Barcelona/Argentina/Spain games.

  21. VA Red says:

    As much as Busquets is a little cheating twat, this is a bad example. During the match they showed another angle of that moment and Marcelo’s left hand does catch Busquets in the face. Doesn’t change the fact he is a play-acting c**t when he doesn’t need to be what so ever.

  22. Trollface says:

    LMAO at me. So that Di Maria “dive” cancels out the Pepe red card that completely changed the game eh? Does it also excuse the ref crowding, collective diving, and disgusting behavior from the cule bench (i.e. Pinto, Valdes)?! Does it excuse the excuse Biscuits racially abusing Marcelo after his embarrassing dive? ( Pass whatever you are smoking dude, most be some really good stuff.

  23. dc says:

    @Sam, @Scott, @Andy,

    are you FUCKING serious? Pepe hits the ball, I’ll give you that, studs up nonetheless, but the impact of him hitting the ball and Alves hitting the ball at the same time makes Alves spin a 360. Still, it doesn’t FUCKING matter whether he hit Alves or not, the fact that Alves went in to a 50-50 normal and Pepe le Psycho went in full speed with his studs centimeters away from implanting themselves in Alves’s leg makes it a red, whether or not he touched him, and whether or not Alves writhed around like a little girl. End of story.

    In fact, he shouldn’t even be allowed to play after his ban 2 seasons ago for going mental and stomping on an opponent, not to mention his stamp on Messi a week ago in his performance that was lauded for his ability to stop Barca’s attack. It’s not the first time he’s gone in for a challenge like this and won’t be the last if he’s allowed to play the way he does, which he will be allowed to do for many more seasons. As much as I hate play acting, I hate broken legs much more.

  24. Nils says:


    officially ‘tackling with studs up is considered dangerous but does not always warrant punishment’.

    whereas simulation (often recognized by a player reacting to pain apparent where there was no impact) is an automatic yellow.

  25. Andrew says:

    It’s players like him and Dani Alves that make Americans hate the sport

  26. wolfusa says:

    it’s even better as it loads slowly on my computer. every frame succeeds in making busquets look like a worthless cheat.

  27. Biscuits says:

    You know.. if Alves got booked for simulation (which he definitely should have considering he ran back on only 30 seconds after being stretchered off), it would have been a send off for a second yellow.

    Whenever a player writhes around in agony for a full minute, in my opinion the ref should demand a medic check his leg for the impact and see if there are any actual noticible signs of injury, such as stud marks. If the leg looks perfectly fine and not even slightly discolored, they should get booked for simulation.

    It’s also my opinion that if a player is caught diving inside an opponents penalty box, they should be given a straight red instead of yellow. And if they simulate an injury worthy of a send off (such as clutching their face) but the referee does not deem it worthy of sending off the alleged offender, then the simulator should be sent off instead.

    Only hard punishments can make cheaters think twice before doing it. With Barca players, you have to be careful not to sneeze or you might bring them down by accident.

  28. Shoe says:

    The players I look out for in the El Classico,
    Casillas, Ozil, Pique, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and now Affelay.
    They know they can play, and they want to get on with the game.

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