FIFA Assemble Three-Man ‘Council Of Wisdom’ To Restore Football’s Credibility – Johan Cruyff, Henry Kissinger…and Placido Domingo

Chris Wright

7th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

In a bid to scrub the leeches from FIFA’s grubby underbelly, president Sepp Blatter has assembled a crack three-man advisory panel – dubbed the ‘council of wisdom’ – and, considering the three men in question, it’s hard to see anything other than glorious success.

Johan Cruyff (a former footballer of considerable talent), 88-year old former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (the ex-Nixon lacky that bombed the living shit out of Cambodia in 1969 but who, at the very least, has ties to the game given his involvement with the 1970s New York Cosmos, etc) and the middle third of the ‘Three Tenors’ – 70-year old opera superstar Placido Domingo (who has presumably seen a few games on television).

Just when you think FIFA couldn’t get any more ludicrous – the ‘how many tenors does it take to bribe Blatter’ puns are writing themselves.

Apparently Peter O’Toole, Nana Mouskouri and the dog from the Littlest Hobo are also all on standby should there be any last-minute drop-outs.