Snapshot: Bobby Robson’s Ghost Spotted At Wimbledon 2011?

Chris Wright

24th, June 2011


By Chris Wright

Feel free to correct me if you know otherwise, but didn’t dear old Bobby pass in July of 2009? Bit of a cock-up from the Daily Telegraph’s editorial team…

The daft buggers.

Via @AndrewBloch

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  1. gs says:

    dead ringer. boom!

  2. gamblino says:

    Good God

  3. wiggs says:

    That’s ridiculous. Not only is it mildly offensive, but it just makes you wonder how often stuff like this slips through unnoticed*

    *(Obvioulsy in this case it was damn obvious, but if Sir Bobby wasn’t in shot would anyone have known any better..?)

  4. mtm says:

    it’s old journalists cheap trick – to show some archive picture and say it’s yesterdays, that’s why to me journalists are such a lazy scum

  5. Ping Yang says:

    It really does look like his ghost. A little creepy.

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  7. Zahio says:

    This is called the changeability of the past.
    The truth is in the paper, so Sir Bobby Robson did NOT die two years ago. He is still “undead”

  8. Mr. Chopper says:

    They also missed Chris Hoy and Ray Wilkins. That’s a bigger problem than Bobby Robson’s undead corpse.

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