Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye: Atletico Madrid Fans Unfurl Sergio Aguero ‘Death Wish’ Banner

Chris Wright

30th, July 2011


By Chris Wright

Spotted in amongst the Atletico Madrid supporters during their 2-1 Europa League victory over Stromsgodset on Thursday evening…

“DIE KUN Traitor”, and…


Which is all a little tetchy, no?

Apparently, as soon as the minute’s silence for the victims of the Norwegian massacre had been observed, the Atleti fans started unveiling the banners and began to chant ‘Aguero, die!’ and ‘Aguero and Giannina (Kun’s wife), Argentina’s most expensive whores’.

Today’s magic word is…

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  1. Dave says:

    jesus, people are such assholes. why with any football transfer nowadays to these dumbass “fans” overreact.

  2. spark says:

    Wow! I shudder to think what the fans would have done if he had got his wish to go to the crosstown rivals, Real Madrid.

  3. Joe says:

    Of course, there was no such betrayal when Kun signed for Atleti from his Argentine club. Bunch of hypocrites.

  4. Montesquieu says:

    All you need to think about is the type of people who are in those stands. What ‘walk’ of life they are from and their social-economic status and it explains everything.

  5. hgo says:

    :D. honest passionate reaction about 2 acts of treason. why are you criticize this? get a life t*osser

  6. hgo says:

    all you f*ucking posh idiots know f*uck all about football. go and watch cricket p*ussys!!!!

  7. KingEric7 says:

    To be fair they’ve just been pillaged of their best striker and goalkeeper, I think it’s fair to expect them to be a little miffed.

  8. Timothy says:

    I wanna ask, did these Atletico fans hurl anti-Fernando torres banners when he left for Liverpool?

  9. tom says:

    hgo… you’re an idiot. treason? what? its 2 transfers.. not the end of the world mate. and if anyone needs to get a life its you for thinkin that 2 players moving to 2 better clubs need to die

  10. sex god says:

    LOL wait till Forlan leaves.

  11. bucci says:


  12. hgo says:

    @tom you f*ucking loose idiot these players were from beggining with them and they leave – of course fans a little bit upset + do you so daft and really think it’s 100% serious? don’t you see a little bit fun side in that you f*ucking sado??

  13. Nick Wiper says:

    the worst was when torres had his shirt burned and was labelled scum after his move to chelsea, joined us in 2007 for about 20 million with an already big reputation, scored loads of goals stayed for three and a half seasons won absolutely nothing and went for 50 million. football fans are the most fickle people

  14. Montesquieu says:

    By the way, what the hell is a traidor?

  15. booya says:

    @Montesquieu “a traitor”… what else?

  16. JJ says:

    Traidor = Traitor

  17. Mick says:

    I think its astonishing how close the people feel to they’re club. Its in the blood and not just to do with football. Hard for some to understand and yeah you can go on about social status and ignorance all you want. It won’t change football, or anything for that matter. At least they wear they’re emotions on they’re sleeves and are’nt fake.

  18. Billy says:

    None of you know the full story so stop calling the fans hypocrites. The De Gea banner was slightly harsh, but with Kun it is fully deserved. In fact, he’s got off very lightly here I think.

  19. The Reds says:

    The fans are upset just because they loved him so much. (de gea or aguero).. same goes to torres. he was their hero, their only hope. but then he left for a heartless rich club.

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