Dumb Football: Millwall fan faces lifetime ban after wearing Galatasaray shirt at Leeds game

Ollie Irish

26th, October 2009



[Photo: Marc Atkins / IPS @ Daily Mail]

Millwall have promised to punish the brainless idiot who taunted Leeds United fans by wearing a Galatasaray shirt and making stabbing motions (he wasn’t the only one) on Saturday during their League One encounter at the New Den (the Lions won 2-1).

The incident was an obvious – and disgusting – reference to the tragic death of two Leeds fans who were stabbed to death before their side’s UEFA Cup semi-final against the Turks in 2000.

Millwall chief executive Andy Ambler told the Sun: “Another fan was ejected and arrested for waving a Turkish flag… We didn’t see the man wearing the Galatasaray shirt, but we will try to identify him from CCTV and photographs and if we do, he will be banned.”

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  1. jay says:

    i hope this idiot gets whats coming to him, shame about 2000 leeds fans didnt catch him outside…

  2. neil says:

    ugly looking mug, should keep any loose change he has, and buy a balaclava. total anus.

  3. craig says:

    we all luv leeds an leeds an leeds. its a shame we wont av 2 play millwall again………… nnnnnnooooooooooottttttttttt.

  4. paull says:

    I would normally object to the term brainless idiot but judging by the gormless expression on his face I’d say it was about right. Just to remind any other moron who may be thinking of following suit the two men who were murdered were not football hooligans. They were respectable family men who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If anyone is interested their family and friends are now trying to raise funds in their memory for a children’s cancer charity based in Leeds. Good luck to all concerned and good riddance to this brainless waste of space.

  5. Heather says:

    Quite right too that he should be banned. A complete idiot. There are two families who have lost their husbands/fathers and this pathetic excuse for a football fan thinks its something to joke about! The guy next to him should also be banned – he isn’t wearing the shirt but he is taunting the fans equally and in my book that is inciting violence. Clearly these two are examples of the fans that let down Millwall FC and give the rest of their fans a bad name throughout football – unfairly in my experience.

  6. Ertash says:

    shame theres no mention of the hungary and ferencvaros flag in the away end…..keep on crying leeds – your worse than the scousers.

  7. Millwall lion says:




  8. G-Spot says:

    No-one likes u? No-one actually cares about ur pathetic excuse for a football club!

  9. service crew says:

    please wear that shirt to elland road as i want to be able to identify you and tear your f.cking head off

  10. leeds for life says:

    how are we worse than scousers
    listen pal ur cockneys (scum)
    and millwall are no bodys
    u put the football league to shame and lower the standards of english football
    millwall is the worst thing to eva happen to english football
    you are a DISCRACE end of .

  11. ynwa says:

    That arse who looks like Rooney standing on the idiot’s left clearly appears to be making a stabbing motion/taunt with his hand..

    Same as the idiot wearing the galatasaray jersey…

    Anyway.. the 3 of them look like dorks without brains…

  12. 3nil.co.uk says:

    Millwall fan faces lifetime ban after wearing Galatasaray shirt at Leeds game » Who Ate all the Pies…

  13. Paul says:

    Why don’t leeds start wearing West Ham shirts – that’ll put he wind up them. Every fan knows Millwank are pikey scum

  14. Dennis says:

    Calm down everybody, they were just JOKING ! These guys didn’t harm anybody at all. They shouldn’t be banned for a joke, it’s ridiculous.
    Of course it was tacky, but I must admit I found this image very funny in the first place. Though it made me a little bit sick after a while, thinking about how disrespectful this was to the families of the stabbed men.
    Anyway, it’s no big deal. They shouldn’t be punished for their bad taste. Or you gonna ban an awful lot of people. Hull City fans would never be able to get in any stadium for example, is it fair ?

  15. James MOT says:

    This is a huge error on his part. This has just added fuel to the flame for the return in March. They only ever seem to cause trouble in on their own patch. Maybe because they dont have the finances to make it to away games. Lets see if they really are a big club at the end of the season.

    MOT kevin speight and christopher loftus

    If you all hate leeds utd have a go!

  16. kev cressey says:

    the ‘right said fred’ millwall fan was only there to watch the leeds, anyway shit club shit fans and shitter history and you wander why no one likes you, even the women down there are mingers

  17. Ertash says:

    just wondering what your thoughts are on leeds singing about the munich air disaster and having Hungary/Ferencvaros flags in the away end saturday?? are you going condemn those aswell or does your shlt not stink? Only difference between the that and turkey is that we didnt leave our friends to die….It must really get to you lot constantly being done by little ol Millwall. James MOT – errrr like last year?!?!?! there were Turkey flags and shirts last year – didnt do us much harm……..and your right all us living in London dont have the finances like you and the Shannon Matthews famalies of this world.

  18. Seb C says:

    I find the funny side

  19. James MOT says:

    Mate not bein funny but there were more Leeds fans on the trains going to places in Kent than there were Milwall. Me being one of em. I live in Kent and am a Leeds fan. I never seem to come across Milwall fans. U see alot of West Ham, Charlton and Gills fans though. Kev Cressey seems to some up your club quite well so i will leave it at that. The only time that 90% of league 1 clubs sell out their ground is when Leeds are playing – thats FACT!

  20. Millwall Fan says:

    I am a Millwall fan and please do not judge Millwall by 1 idiots actions. This guy should have got beaten up yes but to all the leeds fans who saw the guy i apologise on the idiots behalf and sorry to the family and friends who lost there loved ones at Galatasaray but please judge Millwall NOT the fans.

  21. LUFC Quej says:

    Millwall are a pathetic excuse for a club. It says everything that we are at the lowest point in our history and we are still a long way above Millwall. You have always been insignificant scum and you will always be insignificant scum. It will be nice when we get promoted this season and we can once again assign your filthy little club to our archive files under the heading “embarrasments to football”

  22. gary says:

    wat a fuckin cunt he wnt like it if that stuff happend to him or if he was the fuckin family of the 2 boys that died

  23. tom says:

    feel sorry for the familys but leeds taunted man utd for years how do the familys of them feel hearing leeds scum singing munich songs…what goes round comes deal with it leeds

  24. Lionarm says:

    Comments on here are just the “pot calling the kettle black”. Millwall football club will take the appropriate action with these ‘supporters’, however. This type of ridiculous behaviour is a result also of segregation and therefore increased polarization between fans. Note that all clubs have these type of adherents and if one takes this opportunity to attack Millwall Football Club, which normally occurs anyway to deflect from the shortcomings of other fans, it is merely a self-defeating gesture as the entire football league is a very interdependent structure. Supporters of all clubs should think very clearly before spouting vitriol at any other club.

    MSC,BA(Hons.), Genuine Football Supporter.

  25. Schaffer, R J says:

    the guy in the left of the picture, has he just finished a shift at the docks or is he a pikey? the docks closed.

  26. Jim says:

    About as brave and intelligent as the Turk who murdered those two men.
    Wish I had him in my platoon.

  27. Richey P says:

    Typical stupid Millwall fan it aint surprising

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  31. Anonymous says:

    his name is Keith Buckle

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