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Joey Barton Caught In Up In Pathetic EDL Photo Sting

By Alan Duffy

Barton with a gormless-looking Yaxley-Lennon

QPR’s Joey Barton has come out quickly and strongly to deny claims on the far-right English Defence League’s Facebook page that he has joined the organisation.

A photo of Barton alongside EDL head honcho Stephen Yaxley Lennon (see above) was posted on the EDL Support Group Facebook page, with the title “Joey Barton joins the EDL”.

However, the midfielder has refuted the EDL’s claims, in a statement released today which said:

“Queens Park Rangers Football Club and Joey Barton categorically deny any link between the midfielder and a far-right group who are claiming his support.

A photograph of Barton posing with a member of the group has been used to suggest the player is also a member.

Barton said: “As a Premier League footballer it is common to pose for photographs with people you do not know, as is the case here.

“I had no idea who the person was. I simply agreed to his request for a photograph. I have absolutely no connection with such a group.”

Well done Joey Barton. Looks like he’s (thankfully)  not taking the Morrissey obsession too far.


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By Alan Duffy on October 10th, 2011 in FAIL, QPR. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

10 Responses to “Joey Barton Caught In Up In Pathetic EDL Photo Sting”

  1. tendon not is says:

    aah joey barton …something something sex god something something

  2. Jay says:

    At least Joespeh Barton has refuted this very quickly.

  3. Ironalan says:

    Explain the Morrissey reference.Go on . With actual facts not NME gossip.

  4. Montesquieu says:

    Morrissey isn’t racist, if anything he dabbled with the fascistic elements which are so intrinsic in rock music. Something that David Bowie, Joy Division/New Order and even Pink Floyd toyed around with/sang about/used fascistic imagery.

    The only racist unrepentant musician that I can think of is Eric Clapton, although his supposed excuse was that all of his racist statements made were a result of his alcohol abuse.

  5. Redskywalker says:

    Eric Claptons a complete knob. But this isnt the place to discuss that…

  6. George Harrison says:

    Pretty sure Clapton still stands by his racist drunken tirade, the dick.

  7. chimpo says:

    i ran into these cunts on the tube on the weekend (the EDL, not joey barton, clapton and morrissey sadly).

    biggest morons i have ever seen- how are they not arrested for inciting a riot/hatred? loads of the coppers policing them were non-white and i was just thinking, go on son- little nudge and they could be under that train. no one would blame you

    hateful spiteful braindead fucks

  8. Ash says:

    E E EDL! Gow on my son!

  9. sex god apprentice says:

    ahh sex god, a true legend on pies.. for sure.

  10. Matrin Horthorn says:

    The EDL are complete muppets and I often wonder why the “English” defense leaugue sport the Israeli flag so much? Who funds them I wonder?

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