Sectarian Celtic fans ruin minute’s silence on Remembrance Sunday

Ollie Irish

9th, November 2009



Disgraceful show by some Celtic fans at Falkirk on Sunday. A small section of the club’s more sectarian support chanted Republican songs outside the Falkirk Stadium, DURING a minute’s silence for Remembrance Sunday. Looks like Bill Hicks was right about the whole ‘virus with shoes’ thing.

Sky Sports have since admitted that they muted the sound to avoid causing offence to viewers. A Sky source said:

“Our sound technicians at all the games we cover have the ability to mute any chants or songs which could cause offence. That was clearly the case here – although the silence was observed by the vast majority of all the fans inside the ground.”

But this is what you should have heard:

Unbelievably crass behaviour. These f**kbrains have no place in football. I should add, the majority of Celtic fans did observe the silence.

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  1. Willhelm says:

    Don’t worry Celtic fans, the Schottish media have covered up this story very nicely thank you very much. A disgrace to humanity, a disgrace to Celtic FC and more importantly, a disgrace to all of those who’ve perished in conflict.

    Hardly a mention in any newspapers this morning, wonder why? Now what’s worse, abusing the memory of 70 million war dead, or ten blokes scrapping a football match?

    Scottish media and Septic are shameless, utterly shameless.

  2. FWAATP says:

    How is this deemed as being “Sectarian”?

  3. John says:

    Ollie, can i request that you check the definition of sectarian and give it some thought as to how sectarian applies in this instance?

    Other than that you’re spot on.

  4. FWAATP says:

    Since when did someone with Republican views become Sectarian?

    You clearly do not have a clue son

  5. Super Shrimpers says:

    What a disgrace! What is it with these knuckle-dragging idiots? A simple act of remembering those that paid the ultimate price so that they can watch football without tyrany. I hope Celtic get rapped for this by the powers that be.

  6. John McCrae says:

    I would put these bast*rds in a room with servicemen who have lost comrades.

    Yet another shameful episode in the vile history of the Bheasts.

  7. Ollie says:

    @FWAATP (yes, I understand the acronym – very clever): I’d say it’s perfectly fair to describe organised chanting by Republicans aimed at Protestants as ‘sectarian’, especially when those fans support a club with a long history of sectarianism.

  8. FWAATP says:

    What about the tens of thousands of innocent people who have been butchered by the British war machine?

    Why can ywe have a remeberance day for them?

  9. Gray1981 says:

    I hold Sky in almost as much contempt as I do Bheast FC for this shameful act.

    Another rancid shameful episode in the history of Scotchland and the O’Republic of Ireland.

    Yet again the Mhedia have swept this under the carpet.

    Bheast FC and their “fans” should be brought to task for this blatant disrespect of our fallen hero’s, hero’s who fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice so these idiots have the freedom to act like animals.

    Bheast FC not understanding irony since 1888.

  10. Redfive says:

    With seven players killed in the First World War and one awarded a VC, Celtic FC and its fans have all the excuse they need to observe the silence and we should commend all those who did. To those who did not, why don’t you go home wherever that may be, take all your excess baggage with you and don’t come back. It’s not about you.

  11. FWAATP says:

    Oliie (F is for Forza ;) )

    The Republican movement has a long line of Protestants who were/are vital to the movement

    I suggest you actually read up about things before you label something incorrectly

    here, try this link for starters … licans.htm

  12. Joey says:

    As disappointing as this is, the people involved were carrying out a peaceful political protest OUTSIDE the stadium. The protesters are not trying to disrespect the dead – they are protesting against being forced to hold a minutes silence for british army personnel who have killed innocent civilians in Northern Ireland. No matter what your opinion is, they are allowed to protest and rightfully stayed outside the stadium until the silence was finished.

  13. Killieblue says:

    When will Dr Reid and Peter Liewell come out and condemn these shameful idiots.
    Sky TV should not have turned down the sound to save their customers from hearing it, they should have let the world see the real Scotlands Shame.

  14. Swoosh says:

    Celtic did as expected – shame Scottish football yet again. Celtic Football Club knew this and that’s why they requested a minutes applause which was rightly turned down.

    Celtic FC & the support they have are a disgrace. To show such disrespect to those who have given their lives for our freedom.

  15. Mick Doire says:

    Ollie – “Fair to describe organised chanting by Republicans aimed at Protestants” Why have you turned this into a religous statement? How can you claim that it was aimed at Protestants? This shows you dont have a clue. I dont agree with the clowns who did sing during the minutes silence but you are trying to turn this into a religous thing when it isnt. If they were protesting it was against the British Army and not a religion! I wouldnt personnally wear a poppy however i dont have an issue with people having there minutes silence! I would rather remember all war dead as the British Army has handed out a lot of death to inocents also.

    Not balanced writing son!

  16. FWAATP says:

    “I’d say it’s perfectly fair to describe organised chanting by Republicans aimed at Protestants as ’sectarian’, especially when those fans support a club with a long history of sectarianism.”

    Celtic and their fans have NEVER been Sectarian

    We have never excluded any race or religon from playing for us
    Our fans are made up from prople from many different religious and racial backgrounds

    To call us Sectarian and label us in the same boat as Scotlands Shame is a joke

    You need to take stock of that last comment

  17. james says:

    Your post is based on your obvious ignorance on the subject (or could it simply be your prejudice?). There is only one club in the UK “with a long history of sectarianism” -that is Glasgow Rangers, as most people know. Celtic have an Irish and Catholic background but, unlike Rangers, have never discriminated against other religions and have always had many protestant players and fans.
    Also Republican songs are not “aimed at Protestants”, they are against British rule in Ireland and are political, not sectarian

  18. Lochee Bhoy says:

    The song was neither Republican or sectarian – it was about an innocent man who was murdered by the British Army. But why let the facts get in the way of a witch-hunt? The above is a truly pathetic excuse for journalism.

  19. Willhelm says:

    Poor FWAATP, you seem a very sick little individual. Who mentioned religion?

    Let me explain this for you son, as you are so full of hate, reasonable debate will be hard to explain. Remembrance Sunday is for all people, of all faiths, countries and armies, not just the British.

    It’s for civillians, soldiers and anyone else killed in conflict, not just the British. I know you hate Britain, I know you hate all things British, but stop acting like a tool son.

    Poor wee bhoy, your hatred will take over your life one day and be the end of you. Calm down, remember the war is over and give us a break about the all inclusive crap.

    That’s why Jock Stein was denied a seat on the board wasn’t it son?

    Your fans shamed Ireland yesterday, you are despised there and in Scotland by all. In fact, your supporters are desoised the world over by right thinking and morally influenced people.

    Shame on the IRA scum yesterday.

  20. Willhelm says:

    Notice who keeps bringing up religion? That’s right! It’s the political Bhoys who despise all things British.

    Racists and bigots it appears.

  21. FWAATP says:

    Investigate chants and post links all you want but NONE of Celtic chants and singing is sectarian..Political, maybe but not Sectarian

    Is the Flower of Scotland (and stood against them proud edwards army and sent them homewards tae think again)or God save the queen (Lord,grant that Marshal Wade, May by thy mighty aid, Victory bring.
    may he sedition hush, and like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush, God save the Queen. ) any worse?

  22. CWC says:

    FWAATP: For all the indignant posturing we’ve seen from Celtic fans over the so-called “Famine Song” and about how it caused such terrible offence, you’d think that the Celtic fans would be super-sensitive to the possibility that their behaviour might offend others. Unless of course they’re hypocritical liars. People like you are an embarrassment to their club. You’d rather make a lame excuse or engage in wittering over the semantics of the article posted here than address the real issue: the disgusting behaviour of a large number of Celtic FC fans yesterday. Take your IRA songs to somewhere that appreciates and indulges them. Incidentally, Celtic aren’t sectarian? “Soon there will be no Protestants at all”. Case closed, let them hang.

  23. FWAATP says:

    Willheim, The Author of this article mentioned religion first in his sweeping generalization

  24. Willhelm says:

    We can hear these Bheasts squealing and moaning about the scum being political. 99.9% of the watching world were repulsed at these animals and disgusting Bheasts.

    The people Ireland and Scotland don’t want.

  25. FWAATP says:

    “North men south men comrades all Dublin, Belfast,Cork or Donegal”

    Is that the song you mean?

  26. Willhelm says:

    Soon there will be no Protestants at all is fine and political.

    The famine song is racist according the most offended people in the world.

    Let me explain something to you morons. 99.9999% of the watching public felt physically sick yesterday at your antics. The only people supporting the sectarian abuse and eff the Queen songs were bigots and scum.

    A disgrace, the people no country wants – that’s Septic FC.

  27. FWAATP says:

    99.9% of the world were sickened and mystified that Scotland was the only country in the world where a minutes silence was not observed for a truly great man and world leader…PJPII

  28. Willhelm says:

    Can you explain why they were singing eff the Queen?

    Is it offensive to people when you sing about the head of the Anglican church? If not, then it must be acceptable to sing about the head of other religions – no?

    Would it be acceptable to sing eff the Pope during a silent tribute?

  29. FWAATP says:

    Willheim, you are clearly a bitter and tarnished individual

    I suggest you crawl back into your sisters bed..

  30. Willhelm says:

    99.9% of the world were sickened and mystified that Scotland was the only country in the world where a minutes silence was not observed for a truly great man and world leader…PJPII

    You are one sick little man. What’s that got to with animals abusing the war dead?

    Who’s bringing religion up again?

    I do believe everyone can see a bigot being snared here….

  31. FWAATP says:

    The quenn is the head of the British state one who condones the marrying of any other faith into her family…This my friends is SECTARIAN

  32. Willhelm says:

    I suggest you crawl back into your sisters bed..

    bwhahaha I do believe this wee bigot has lost the plot…Tell us son, it is acceptable to sing eff the Pope or not?

    If not, why’s it accepable to sing eff the Queen?

    Do you sing, soon there will be no Protestants at all? If you do, why is the famine song racist?

    If it walks like a bigot and quacks like a bigot.

  33. eddie says:

    the minutes silence was in the stadium , the guys were outside .

    aint no law saying you cant stand outside and make as much noise as you want .
    and any way the folk that are apparently being remembered fought for people to have freedom of speach . being forced to stand in silence in a stadium is not freedom of speach .

  34. FWAATP says:

    Willheim, For your information, I am a protestant, my wife is Catholic. I am no bigot

  35. Chringle says:

    What are they chanting?

  36. Willhelm says:

    The quenn is the head of the British state one who condones the marrying of any other faith into her family…This my friends is SECTARIAN

    Does the Pope allow marriage between other Faiths?

    Does the Pope condone Homsexuality and safe sex practices?

    Does the Pope remember his NAZI past?

    I know who I would support and it aint a Fascist, Nazi war criminal.

  37. max says:

    This is the most racist, sectarian, bigoted ‘article’I’ve read in a long time! Just what I’ve come to expect from this dick.
    It’s probably worse than the huns disgracing our country, yet again, fighting with police before, during and after the game in Romania and theit vile racist chants of, “can you hear the Gypos sing”, which could clearly be heard, although funnily enough not by the Scottish media, but that’s ok, UEFA heard it well enough!!
    I wonder how the war dead would feel about racist thugs using their national flag and their deaths themselves, as an excuse for vile racist bigotry, there’s the real shame!
    I’d rather be a Gypsy than a vile scumbag lowlife racist sectarian bigoted hun!!

  38. CWC says:

    FWAATP: You do realise the rules on marrying into the Royal Family are there specifically because Canon Law would have ensured a Catholic monopoly thereafter?

  39. FWAATP says:

    Why does the queen not allow Catholics,Hindu’s Muslim’s or any other religion into her family?

    Why are there no Catholic PM’s in Britain?

    Can you answer me this Willheim the twisted sister lover?

  40. Willhelm says:

    I’m a Catholic married to a Hindu and your point is?

    The story is about vile animals abusing tens of millions of war dead. In fact, this story is about vermin like you son.

    Sick people, sick minds and the people all countries despise and don’t want.

  41. Ollie says:

    Once again, some of you lot are really doing yourselves no favours.

  42. FWAATP says:

    “Does the Pope allow marriage between other Faiths?

    Does the Pope condone Homsexuality and safe sex practices?

    Does the Pope remember his NAZI past?

    I know who I would support and it aint a Fascist, Nazi war criminal.”


  43. CWC says:

    max: You do realise that “Hun” is a racist and derogatory term for a German person? You’re not very bright are you?

  44. Willhelm says:

    Max said

    I’d rather be a Gypsy than a vile scumbag lowlife racist sectarian bigoted hun!!

    You are a Gypsy, you are a vile scumbag and you are a sectarian lowlife and you support the Huns.

    Ratzi the Nazi anyone?

    I’m coming back here more often, these Bheasts are top entertainment.

  45. FWAATP says:


    You never done yourselves any favours with your sweeping generalizations!!

  46. Willhelm says:

    Need to go now Bheasts, back to work and pay for your British benefits system, collected at the Post office witha British crown on the stamps.

    Isn’t it wonderful to be British?

    How does it feel Bhoys, knowing your neighbours, people standing beside you in the Giro line and everyone who knows you, eye you with suspicion?

    The most despised people on earth, that’s the Bhoys for you.

    PS You don’t like Britain, feel free to go elsewhere.

  47. FWAATP says:

    run along quickly saddo

  48. Willhelm says:

    Stench of Bheasts here would knock you down.

    You are free to leave our country at any time, the borders are open, you can emigrate or you can hang yourselves from the nearest tree. (preferably the latter)

    Britain was and is a nicer nation without these warmongering vermin.

    Ireland’s shame right enough!

  49. Willhelm says:

    Been a pleasure winding up the Bheasts, but the Protestant work ethic needs to be upheld.

    Must be great allowing the Brits to feed, house and educate you free of charge. Go home if you don’t like OUR country.


  50. David - Yorkie says:

    We don’t want either of these scummy clubs playing in England. One set of fans hates Britain and all things British (yet don’t seem to want to go and live in Ireland as a protest….funny that!!) and the other lot seem to hate everybody as they wreak havoc around Europe. I don’t know why sky pays them a penny. The football is crap and the supporters are vile.

  51. antifa says:

    Warmongering vermin…that’s who your silence was for, the beasts that are killing innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as occupied Ulster.

    I’d willingly stand and remember those conscripts who fought in two world wars against evil, but not any people who joined willingly to support Britains warmongering ways.

    Britain is as much my country as yours, because your beasts invaded my country. And most normal people in Britain would be appalled by your racist rhetoric. Go on home…the beasts you stood in silence for yesterday are still on the streets of it, when they leave, I will too

  52. FWAATP says:

    Alas. Willheim has shown us what he truly is!!

    An unwashed Yahoo or indeed a Baroo barnacle an insanitary pest so to speak!!

    Bye Billy Bigot

  53. P.M says:

    I am a Celtic fan, and as such, do not want to see my club court any kind of controversy. This seems to have been achieved on Sunday due to protesters outwith the match day stadium.

    No match day or club official can control what happens outside the stadium – it is the individuals choice.

    Does this mean I think they are right? Well, no. I understand the reasons why the protest took place, but in the grand scheme of things I believe it is more important that any supporters actions are carried out with the best interests of the football club.

    With that being said, I also find it laughable that these actions have been deemed sectarian. This is absolute nonsense. FACT.

    The singing outside the stadium was nothing to do with religion and everything to do with individuals of Irish background protesting against a minute silence enforced upon them for soldiers representing an organisation who killed their forefathers.

    Again, I am not saying that yesterday was the time or the place for such a protest, but it definitely does not translate as bigotry or sectarianism.

    I also find it laughable that Rangers fans are now taking the moral high ground on this issue. A club built solely on right wing fascist values coming out fighting for the British Army. The views and values that many of these supporters hold are akin to the BNP and yet they are defending the people who went out to fight this type of belief held by Hitler and many others. Seems rather confused to me.

    The same fans who sang about Gypsies in Romania recently and rioted with police and stewards (again *yawn*). I thought the army in WW II actually fought against these small minded, religiously divisive, racially divisive values that so many of the good ‘ol Rangers fans up hold!

    Contradictions all over the place…

    Here are Rangers Fc Roll of Shame (or Honour – depends which view point you take):

    1969, Fairs Cup, semi-final Newcastle United 2-0 Rangers Rangers had an extra 10,000 ticketless fans in St James’ Park in addition to the 12,000 official allocation. Their fans invaded the pitch after Newcastle scored trying to get the game abandoned. A riot broke out after the game.

    1972, Cup Winners’ Cup final Dynamo Moscow 2-3 Rangers Rangers fans battled with heavy-handed Spanish riot police after invading the pitch and it remains the only time a European trophy was presented inside a stadium. Rangers had to play the next two matches behind closed doors as punishment.

    2006, Champions League, last 32 Villarreal 1-1 Rangers A Rangers fan broke a window on Villarreal’s team bus resulting in a £9,000 fine, while sectarian chanting landed the club with a further £13,000 fine.

    2007, Uefa Cup, last 16 Osasuna 1-0 Rangers Rangers fans clash with Spanish riot police at a Uefa Cup match in Pamplona. The club blamed Osasuna for a lack of segregation and they were also fined, but the Ibrox club were only fined £8,280 after Uefa heard of Rangers’ efforts to eradicate the problem.

    2008, Uefa Cup, final Zenit St Petersburg 2-0 Rangers An estimated 150,000 Rangers fans invaded Manchester, but when a giant screen in the city centre failed, it sparked a riot where shops and vehicles were badly damaged. Gangs of fans had running battles with police, showering officers with bottles and bricks.

    Add in the recent trip to Romania and it doesn’t look too good.

    I am not an IRA ‘sympathiser’ in any way. I believe that everyone should be treated the same and just wish that everyone would just get along – hippyesque I know but there you go.

    My Granda is Scottish but his dad was forced to come over from Ireland after fighting for freedom etc, but what he always told me was that where innocent people are killed then they are ‘all as bad as each other’. That is where I stand on intolerance.

    However, when false statements are being made in reference to my Club or my fellow supporters I will not sit back. Especially, when Rangers supporters using hypocritical contradictions in order to make a point.

    Those that sang outside the ground – foolish, but most certainly not sectarian.

  54. Reasoned response says:

    This item mentions the song came from outside the ground and assumes they were Celtic supporters although the writer could not see them. Oh well, guilty as charged then.

    The same ‘author’ states ‘Sectarian Celtic fans’. The song I am reliably informed was ‘Aiden McAnespie’. No sectarian lyrics and if you google this name, you may find it is about a young unarmed man shot ‘accidently’ by the army.

    Check your information before you post if you have an independant though in your body… and I am not excusing or condoning the culprits at all…

  55. FREDWELL says:

    Where does this all the guys were outside singing and making a noise crap come from

    Iwas at th game and can be seen on SKY looking over at the mutants who were disturbing the silence INSIDE the ground

    This has been an attempt by the media to play down Celtic’s republican following yet only last week when several IRangers supporters were filmed in an incident with stewards it has been made out to be a full scale riot against the police

    Thr police were not involved it was over eager stewards armed with tear gas and batons

  56. Big D says:

    “How is this deemed as being “Sectarian”?”

    Singing “F** the Queen” during that dirge might have something to do with it. Or did that not happen? Well sorry, but yes indeed it did.

    FWAATP, remembrance day is to remember those lost no matter the conflict, no matter where, why or when – remember who you want on that day. I suggest you read the Celtic website for players of the club you can pay tribute to on remembrance day. Or Irish soldiers who fought in the Great War, there was hundreds of thousands of them.

    By this means of protest, you are disrespecing all of them. People who played for your club. Though by your way of thinking, these people are just British soldiers, they are all the same, they all deserve to die, they do not deserve respect. Because that, by your rationale, is exactly what you are saying, and that is what is sickening. You seem to forget who fought in these wars.

    Celtic have never had an issue regarding this until fairly recently, last year being the pinnacle after the “protest” was supported by an Extreme Irish Republican group known for their sympathies to terrorist groups.

    To say this entire thing is not sectarian motivated is lies. It is simply a tool to use anti-British politics with a tinge of terrorist sympathy once a year and get away with it.

    If you want to remember people, do so and allow others to do the same.

    Try reading your football club’s social statement – they are not a political club, so stop embarrasing them and the tens of thousands of good supporters who feel the same as i do about the likes of you. No-one lieks a bigot, if you want to behave like one, go somewhere you will be accepted. It certainly wont be from any decent Scot.

    We will remember the soldiers who fought and died for this nation, long after you and your antiquated sectarian attitudes have gone forever.

    Lest we forget.

  57. Nicky White says:

    If politics have no place in football why is the poppy forced upon every player fan and stadium in britainevery year? the poppy is a pr stunt to try and add support to a war which most of the country are against. Celtic fc should be looking out for their own fans nd get this ridiculous poppy pr stunt to fuck.

  58. Dougle says:

    Why do Celtic fans come on here and critisize Rangers fans for what they have (allegedly) got up to. This is about their scummy support. They should admit that their club has an anti British outlook that is disgraceful. Let Celtic join the premiership in England and try those antics at any stadium. Their support would need the help of the British forces of law and order that they despise. Alternatively they could replace Derry City in the League of Ireland and give us all peace.

  59. Wullie says:

    PM – Rangers were formed by working class boys with a love for football, unlike the Bheast which was formed by a Marist priest with the dual intention of making money and keeping the young Catholic boys away from the big bad Heretics. Your beloved Ireland supported the Fascist cause in the 1940’s and refused to join the war effort. Your ground was closed for a while after your supporters sangs songs in favour of the Third Reich. Your club will be forever linked with the Church that put into power the great facsist regimes of the 20th century. Rangers fans can’t be fascist – they just don’t qualify!

  60. Nicky White says:


  61. james says:

    If anyone has any doubt about what sectarianism really is, I suggest they read all the posts from “Willhelm” earlier in this thread. He is typical of the right wing BNP scum which attaches itself to Glasgow Rangers and disgraces the club wherever they go. His obvious blind hatred and bigotry for all things Catholic and Irish spews from his every word.
    When this is the kind of low life claims to represent the “Brits”, is it any wonder that the Irish feel resentful?

  62. Big D says:

    “the poppy is a pr stunt to try and add support to a war”

    LIES. The poppy has been worn for years to remember those lost in conflict. Not to support any war. I do not agree with Afghanistan, i don’t agree with Iraq. I don’t agree with war one bit – however, there are people who have lost husbands, sons, grandfathers, uncles, cousins – you try telling them that sitting silent for a minute is a PR stunt.

    These people sign up to the army and some sadly lose their lives. Money donated to the Poppy appeal helps those injured and those who have lost loved ones.

    Its for charity, the very fact that you are rubbishing this as just a PR stunt is sickening.

    Im sure that seeing starving kids on TV is a PR stunt too? Or that Jade Goody dying was a PR stunt? No. Give it up, your argument is paper thin.

    Try telling a little girl who lost her daddy that she cant wear a poppy because it is a PR stunt. Grow up.

  63. Big D says:

    Nicky White, why did you feel the need to add “GBTP” after your outburst?

    Anything you say now against sectarianism is surely invalid.

    Im sure you were there singing FTQ at the weekend too then?

  64. james says:

    Wow! Now we have Wullie, another brainwashed Rangers bigot. He says(among other lies):
    “Your ground was closed for a while after your supporters sangs songs in favour of the Third Reich.”
    ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE!! Yet this is the daft propaganda they are tought in the Orange Lodges from Ibrox to Belfast – And they are stupid enough to believe it! No wonder they are so bitter!

  65. David H says:

    Yet again, even with undeniable evidence of Celtic fans behaving in their usual twisted, vile manner, we have scores of their fans lining up to argue, deflect and generally deny that it ever happened.

    “But were Irish!”, “But Rangers fans are worse!”, “But we hate Britain going to war!” and, most laughably, a report of a football match involving Rangers in 1969 are the pathetic yet inevitable excuses we have had on this page so far.

    The actions of the support yesterday was disgusting, and all the cries of “Rangers are pure worse than us, honest!” will never, ever deny it.

    Come back when you can admit the majority of your support lack the common decency to show respect for 60 seconds, then we’ll talk.

  66. Dub says:

    You might want to check the dictionary definition of the word ‘sectarian’.

  67. FREDWELL says:

    If the “song” being sung outside the ground was Aiden McApespie who else but republicans would be singing it?

    Or are you trying to infer Falkirk fans or even Rangers fans were responsible?

    Seems the goverment have expressed regret over his death

    Says he was killed by a Rick O’Shae

    Blame him not the army

  68. Big D says:

    David H, well said. Ive not had one decent, thought out response yet, and i’ve challenged them with constructive comments yet nothing worthwhile discussing.

    All I do see are republican bigots backing the disrespectful minority yesterday like they were in the right, covering up and deflecting as per usual.

    Sadly that minority looks a lot larger than first thought. Celtic really do have issues they need to address.

    What’s the point in arguing, they are only interested in point scoring over the lies they have been fed. Sickening that such narrow-minded views are still being passed down from generation to generation in Scotland.

    Maybe one day we will cure society of this sectarian evil, but going by yesterday’s actions, and these comments, i don’t see it happening any time soon.

  69. toni says:

    I am French and I don’t understand why these demonstrations have occurred during a commemoration of the 1st WW.
    Wikipedia refers to a bomb exploding by Provisional IRA in 1987 in Northern Ireland, but once again why during a commemoration of the 1st WW?
    Is it because British Army organizations are attending these commemorations?

  70. Kilbowie Kelt says:

    Those who would use Sunday’s protest to do a bit of anti-Irish point scoring, should try to read a wee bit of British military history.

    Since its inception in 1857 Victoria Crosses have been awarded to 1348 individuals.
    From that total, an amazing 170 Crosses were won by Irishmen, 12 per cent of all the awards issued. The Irish percentage is astonishing when it is remembered that the Cross could be awarded to servicemen, and for a time, to civilians, from throughout the British Empire.

    The first Victoria Cross ever was won by an Irishman, Charles Davis Lucas.

    Ireland has a proud record of service to our forces.

  71. Anonymous says:

    The chanting was from outside the ground you fucking idiots

  72. Wullie says:

    James – comment 15. If you know your history….

  73. Tony says:

    Since when was the aiden mcanespie song sectarian ? Also wullie parkhead was’nt shut down during the war because of celtic fans singing songs in support of the Third Reich i think you’ve been reading those conspiracy sites again lol If you want to bring germany into it then i’ve got a great photo of the swastika flying proudly above ibrox and the german national team doing there nazi salute from a match played there in 1937.

  74. Dub says:

    Big D,

    Once again – look up the word sectarian. The fact you have such a tenuous grasp on the English language speaks for itself. If you didn’t like some Celtic fans singing outside the ground, fair enough, you’re entitled to your opinion. You quite patently have no idea what sectarianism is though.

  75. Ragnar says:

    Apparently the chanting Celtic fans were “outside the stadium”? They surely have some cracking microphones as it is clear as day. No chance they were outside the stadium.

    If they were outside the stadium, why were they never shown on camera? Falkirk fans got plenty of airtime, and they were all looking at the Celtic fans!

    Perhaps they were looking through Falkirks new state-of-the-art invisible stadia toward the handful of Celtic fans chanting outside? Aye right.

  76. ruairi says:

    Can you tell me what makes the Celtic fans that were singing outside the ground sectarian?
    The song they were singing was called after Aiden Mc Anespie,a young Irish man who was murdered in cold blood by a brave british soldier whilst walking to a local GAA football match.
    The brave soldier said he was cleaning his gun and his hand slipped, how convienient.
    It does not have a sectarian word or phrase in the song.
    So please lets not jump on the celtic bashing,poppy fascist media wagon without the facts.
    stick yer poppy!!

  77. Wullie says:

    Tony – yes it was – September 1941 to October 17th 1941. And yes, ashamedly during a Scottish International game at Ibrox. Under the auspices of the SFA I should add.

  78. CHE59 says:

    Hey Ollie, you write that these ‘f***brains’ have no place in football’. I put it to you that a minute’s silence for the dead of Britain’s armed foces has no place in football either.

    BTW, where is the condemnation of Man U and Liverpool for NOT wearing poppies stitched into their shirts this weekend? Are they ‘vile IRA supporters’ too?

  79. antifa says:

    Rangers fans can’t be fascist..rule brittania, nazi salutes…even in Israel FFS! Hate other religions, anything not white, Protestant and British is untermensch. Rangers fans are the archetypical fascists, if you don’t think so, you dont really know what fascism is

  80. Tony says:

    RAGNAR – I was at the game and yes it was singing from outside the ground and yes it was as clear as day maybe that has something to do with the fact that there was a minutes silence going on at the time inside the ground that the people outside were heard so clearly lol
    I was inside the ground with thousands of celtic fans i’d say about 40–50 stayed outside and tbf that was there right as many of them were irishmen who have had family,friends murdered by british army/loyalist death squads yet you expect them to pay there respects to people who terrorised there country.

  81. antifa says:

    Toni, the British Legion have recently changed, or at least voiced changed the reason for the poppy, it’s no longer for the WW1 and WW2..its for all British servicement who have died in all wars. Including the beasts who murdered innocent Irish, and that’s where the Celtic’s support have a problem, not with any brave VOLUNTEER or CONSCRIPT who fought in the world wars, against the carrer murderers that have killed and are still killing innocents around the world.

    Poppies are quite appropriate for the army that’s going round Helmand with loudspeakers broadcasting that they will not interfere with the heroin crops

  82. FWAATP says:

    Twas on a Sunday evening the sun was in the sky
    As he walked his way to the Gaelic pitch never thinking he was going to die
    But as he crossed the checkpoint the sound of gunfire came
    The news spread through the border town Aiden McAnespie was slain

    For years he was harassed by the forces of the crown
    As he went to his work every day he left his native town
    The soldiers swore they´d get him the reason no one can say
    And sure enough they murdered him in cold blood that sunny day

    Oh why did you do it?
    Have you not the guts to say
    You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
    But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
    You murdered Aiden McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

    The people heard the gunfire they came from miles around
    They saw that you man lying there dying on the ground
    His flow of life was ebbing fast and people they tried their best
    That bullet wound it was far to deep it went right through his chest

    Oh why did you do it?
    Have you not the guts to say
    You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
    But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
    You murdered Aiden McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

    Aidens life had ended it was time for judgement day
    The soldier he jumped down from the tower and the coward he slipped away
    God´s curse on you Britannia for this cruel deed you´ve done
    But god will have his final say when your judgement day it comes

    Oh why did you do it?
    Have you not the guts to say
    You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
    But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
    You murdered Aiden McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

    To say it was an accident is the greatest crime of all
    To his heart-broken family the worst had `er befalled
    A cross it marks the lonely spot where Aiden was gunned down
    As he strolled on that sunny evening on his way to the Gaelic ground

    Oh why did you do it?
    Have you not the guts to say
    You say it was an accident or even a ricochet
    But like Loughgall and Gibraltar you´re lies are well renowned
    You murdered Aiden McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground

  83. Wullie says:

    Rule Britannia fascist? Bit of a paradox there then as it was no doubt sung while British soldiers marched into Nazi Germany in the 1940’s. As for fascist salutes and Israel – see the pictures of the Israeli football team getting off the team coach at Lansdowne road in June 2005 to be met by nazi-saluting fans wearing Bheast strips.

  84. AntiFascistFrankie says:

    Where is freedom of choice in all this, i.e. the freedom to wear a poppy or not to wear one, the freedom to commemorate the dead of Britain’s armed forces and the freedom to choose not to???

    While some may find singing during a minute’s silence to be distasteful, it is clear that the perpetrators were outside the stadium, not inside it. No-one inside the stadium failed to respect the silence, Bairn or Tim.

    Consider the chorus of the song being sung outside:
    ‘They (the British Army) murdered Aiden McAnespie on his way to the Gaelic ground’.

    How this could ever be described as ‘sectarian’ is beyond me. Methinks the author of this sh*t-stirring piece needs to invest in a good dictionary.

    Not everyone in Britain loves and admires the Army. The Army has been guilty of appalling atrocities over the years in Ireland and elswhere, incl. the murder of the innocent McAnespie.

    Wear your poppies and hold your minute’s silences by all means. But please don’t impose your views and your will on everyone else, and pls don’t demonise and excoriate anyone who takes a different view to you. Because that’s called Fascism, and none of us supports that, right?

  85. Tony says:

    Another thing did the guy who wrote this nonsence write a similar article regarding the rangers fans who thought they would attack stewards in romania because they had an irish flag did he also mention about them singing “UP TO OUR KNEES IN FENIAN BLOOD” and that old song that is just a bit of banter “THE FAMINE SONG” or does that not suit his agenda.

  86. Damo Lennon says:

    “Wilhelm”/”Wullie” is “Wilhelm Anderson,” the moron behind “Vanguard Bears,” a Protestant-supremacist Rangers fan.

    The old, “Celtic Park was closed because of pro-German chants” is a staple of that particular cesspit. #10 is a classic of its kind.

    – Brother Walfrid was a Marist Brother, not a priest. He did not found Celtic single-handedly, and his aim was to raise money to provide dinners for the poor of the east end, regardless of their religious beliefs.

    – Eire was officially neutral during WWII, but compromised that neutrality in favour of the Allies several times, notably in the repatriation of Allied airman who bailed out over Ireland, while Axis airmen were interned for the duration.

    When Belfast was bombed, the fires were put out with the help of the Irish fire brigade.

    Tens of thousands of Irishmen joined the British army, and indeed won more Victoria Crosses from 1939-45 than did their N. Irish counterparts.

    – Celtic Park was closed in September 1941 because of crowd trouble at Ibrox. Celtic fans threw bottles onto the pitch after Celtic were awarded a penalty while losing 0-4. The penalty could not be taken for about 5 minutes because of Rangers players protesting the award. The bottles were thrown after the penalty was eventually taken and missed.

    Inexcusable behaviour, but definitely NOT pro-German chanting. It is worth remembering at this juncture that Rangers were at full-strength throughout WWII, as only ONE of their players joined the armed forces, the rest being found jobs in the shipyards. How ironic that a club and support so fanatical about the armed forces, should have such a poor record of supporting the country when it really mattered.

    – The Catholic Church did not put ANY Fascist regimes into power.

    – Rangers fans ARE Fascist. How any support who make Nazi salutes while playing a match in Israel can deny that, beggars belief. In seeking to impose their beliefs on others over Remembrance Sunday, they are the very definition of Fascist. That’s before we even mention that Ibrox is a favourite recruiting ground of the BNP.

    To the article, I wear a poppy at this time every year, and am sickened by the protesters outside the ground yesterday, but labelling them sectarian is wide of the mark. There is nothing sectarian in what they did.

  87. james says:

    The site you mention is a joke. Written by a sad anti-Celtic obsessive and liar(yourself perhaps?). Your “Celtic Park closed story” is made up! FALSE! NEVER HAPPENED You are making a fool of yourself!

  88. max says:

    Hey rager ya tadger! If the Celtic support were singing inside the stadium why didn’t we se pictures of them? The cameras were where they should have been, inside a football stadium to broadcast a FOOTBALL MATCH, and as they, repeatedly, swept across the stadium did you see anyone singing?
    Why not?
    Work it out for yourself, cretin!!!

  89. antifa says:

    Watch Rangers supporters singing rule britannia, and watch the hundreds of nazi salutes, it’s their own little horst wessel lied number. Watch them fight for their little empire in Romania, Spain or anywhere else they travel while blaming stewards, police, flags…or even televisions as an excuse to fight “lesser humans”.

  90. max says:

    Ps, as far as any remarks concerning the British royal family, WHAT A JOKE!!!
    The Windsors were Adolfs biggest admirers!
    King Eddie had himself all lined up for a choice position within the Third Reich, and was more than open about his admiration, until of course he was pumped out on his backside for his stuttering dullard of a brother, and if you believe any of the ‘Mrs Simpson BS, your a moron.
    And I wont even start on SIR, yes that’s right, SIR Oswald Mosely!!!

  91. Michael says:

    oh, there are a lot of long comments here. It seems that a lot of Pies readers are very well educated, and very sectarian too

  92. Jimmy says:

    To antifa #40-

    Celtic fans DO get into bother abroad,it’s just never reported

    Even in this country,they can get away with it.

    Just ask Kilmarnock FC and how much they have spent recently replacing seats after visits by CFC

    Rangers FC WILL succeed in getting their act together in terms of ridding the support of those who are dragging the club down for whatever reason

    However,long after this,Celtic fans will still be going on about Ireland,Palestine,ETA,Che and many other subjects which have got sod all to do with football

  93. Yaco says:

    Once again Fans of Celtic F.C disgrace the memory of those have have made the ultimate sacrifice, and once again the Mhedia try and cover it up for them!

    When is this country going to wake up, and see them for what they are? SCUM

  94. FREDWELL says:

    Re. comment 22

    Esinging was ALSO INSIDE the stadium

    I was there

    As I stated I am on SKY looking ,, If all else fails resort to swearingover at the clowns interupting the silence

    You must think us idiots if we believe you

    Or perhaps YOU were one of the lowlife “singing” outside, if so what do you know what transpired inside

    BTW nice use of the Queen’s English If all else fails resort to swearing

    Yes VERY mature

  95. Damo Lennon says:

    It’s all a Vatican-inspired conspiracy I tells ya! All them septic fans rioting abroad, but the Jesuits won’t let anyone report it.

    Can I join Vanguard Bears please?

  96. Anonymous says:

    its football man ya fools

  97. max says:

    Naw Damo!
    You’ve got too many fingers and toes!! ;0)

  98. Mack (Chicago) says:

    It is just a stunning lack of class. It is not a political argument or a sectarian argument. How self centered to not allow the moment of silence to go forward as planned. If you don’t agree with the concept then stay away or just say nothing. Who cares what political motives that you want to attach to the occasion? It is about remembering those who gave their lives in defense of your right to be an a@#hole.

    I am a Celtic supportor, Irish American with a number of friends who have served in the military and my father served in WWII in advanced combat positions. I could never disrespect their self sacrifice or the memory of those who passed on protecting liberty and freedom

  99. moravcik says:

    the poppy day is a load of bollocks while we still indulge in pointless wars.

    to those who died in the great war, and to those who served their people in world war II, i have the utmost respect and gratitude, but this idea of one minute’s silence at a football match as a show of respect is just hypocritical symbolic nonsense while young men are still being sent far from home to die for nothing.

    if you really want to show solemn respect to the fallen, bring all troops home to their families and work out how to live in peace.

  100. james connolly says:

    How are the people outside meant to know the min silence has started? The song is no way sectarian also.

  101. hector says:

    Sectarian? Distasteful, maybe? But sectarian? Piffle!

  102. Outraged says:

    Rather than get involved in the argument that “hector” alludes to. As a Celtic supporter I was extremely annoyed at the antics of these so called fans. I was annoyed that they desecrated the memory of brave men, further, in a week when Rangers once more proved to the world their inability to act responsibly, this was the last thing that was needed. It was obvious that this opportunity would be hijacked by others to pursue their own agenda. Even the loud mouthed Republican weans called “The Green Brigade” agreed not to attend. However the minutes silence was breached by a group of morons singing outside about the events in another country. Don’t tell me they didn’t know the time of the event, this was orchestrated to have an effect. Complete twats, they are obviously too thick to realise that enemies of Celtic will use this as an opportunity to use the old argument for Celtic& Rangers that one is as bad as the other. Aye! Manchester, Barcelona (twice) Bucharest and countless others…but now we have allegedly plumbed to their depths. Despite my contempt for these idiots, I for one am not buying that we are “the other side of the same coin!

  103. Vocabulary says:

    You need a dictionary – look up the definition of sectarian.

    to you it’s just a word you’ve heard people criticise celtic and rangers fans with but you’ve shown you have no idea what it really means.

    you’re a clown

  104. Ollie says:

      /sɛkˈtɛəriən/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [sek-tair-ee-uhn] Show IPA
    Use sectarian in a Sentence
    See web results for sectarian
    See images of sectarian
    1. of or pertaining to sectaries or sects.
    2. narrowly confined or devoted to a particular sect.
    3. narrowly confined or limited in interest, purpose, scope, etc.

    I’d say 3. covers it.

  105. Flash-T says:

    No, this was sectarian and make no mistake. I cannot hide my contempt for the small minded idiots who chose to break a noble silence. The poster above is right, they’re not even clever enough to shut up and score some points (no pun on the match that followed).

    The cowards didn’t even do it in the Stadium, they hid outside and out of shot.

  106. gramma says:

    Vocabulary you are fucking stupid

  107. PW-Belfast says:

    People hav a right to protest when & wherever they want, iz this not what your SO-CALLED brave men died for in ther wars !!!

  108. Brendan says:

    Another example of uneducated divisive drivel that makes Scotland a bad place to live

  109. David Beirne says:

    so know you are handing out lessons in civility??? i thought any part of a just society was an individuals right to protest?

  110. g says:

    by the dictionary explanation posted above, you could pretty much bracket every football fan as sectarian. i think the person who wrote this article uses the word as the popular alternative to “bigoted”, which the song being sung most certainly was not. the song being sung was about an irishman, aidan macanespie, who was shot unarmed by the british army.
    i, and most other celtic fans, in no way condone their behaviour. however, i do fully support their sentiments.

    firstly, we are being asked to observe a minutes silence for not only ww1 & 2 heroes, but for all british army “heroes” since. that includes the ones who have terrorised and murdered in the 6 occupied counties in the north of ireland, a place where many of our support come from or whose families descend from, and many of whom have been affected by the actions of these “heroes”. would anyone in this country feel entirely comfortable observing a minutes silence in germany for the nazi soldiers who lost their lives in ww1 & 2 or in afghanistan for the taliban dead? amounts to the same thing.
    and secondly, we are continually being told by our board to leave our politics at the turnstile when we go to the game, only to be told we must observe a silence for people who died in political conflicts. hypocrisy anyone?
    as i said, i in no way condone these guys for interrupting the silence. there were better ways to have a protest such as not entering the stadium until the silence had finished, as many celtic fans chose to on the day, or a banner display. but we do have a right to protest and to brand it sectarian or bigoted is just plain ignorance.

  111. mick says:

    OUTSIDE my a r s e . The singing was from inside the ground, why did SKY not show the Celtic end?

    Celtic fans…….SCUM from Birth to Death

  112. g says:

    i submitted a comment which appeared here then when i come back later it’s disappeared. maybe it was too balanced an argument to fit in with the agenda of the article. brit cover ups again

  113. Stevie D says:

    That just showed how uneducated and thick a large part of the celtic support are.
    Check your history you morons!!Plenty Irish repuclicans fought and died in WW1,beside the Brittish.
    If you want so much to be Irish…..GO HOME!!


    My reply to Ollie and the others.

    Some comedy gold, from both sides, in this.

  115. seamus reilly says:

    i think its time everyone realised the war is over and the mindless morons on each side of the fence in glasgow never knew what it was like to be involved…

    If they do feel they must get involved then look for a house and a job??
    in northern ireland and see if they really would be welcomed in stirring it all up?????


  116. james says:

    Rangers bigots like Mick(12)continue to insist that Celtic fans inside the ground disrupted the silence. You weren’t there Mick. How would you know?
    The fact is that ALL of the thousands of Celtic fans, INSIDE the ground, respected the silence. Because of the silence inside, the noise from outside, (ie from people still queuing at the turnstiles)was clearly audible. It may surprise most of you that the only disruption inside the ground came from one FALKIRK fan who shouted: “F*** off back home!” This is when Peter Lawell is seen to shake his head.

  117. jocky bhoy says:

    The only sectarian comment recorded inside the ground during the silence was a Falkirk fan shouting at the predomintaly Irish support of Celtic – who observed the silence impeccably inside the ground – to go home.

    (For Sectarian, read also “racist”).

  118. Michael, Glasgow says:

    and the only one breaking the silence in the stadium was a Falkirk fan shouting “F*** off back home” – but maybe racism is not headline grabbing enough for you. It does go unreported by the media week in week out?

  119. CWC says:

    It seems that the same Celtic fans who are so easily offended, the same ones who dare to employ the word “racism” to justify their twisted agendas when there are REAL victims of racism living in fear in this country…these same fans, these poor, wee, sensitive souls are seemingly oblivious to the offence they caused the good people of this country and beyond with their vile behaviour. The Falkirk fans have no history with these reptiles, yet they roundly booed the idiots responsible for the chanting. Does that not tell the brainless bigots anything? This isn’t about Rangers fans revelling in their misconduct, it’s about decent people who find the idea of sharing the same oxygen as these animals abhorrent.

  120. Paranoid timdroid says:

    What part of Aiden McAnespie is sectarian or bigoted? The UK government have since apologised to his family for what happened.

    I agree that some people need to have a long hard look at themselves, but to spin it as something else detracts from the argument being put forward. Just a shame people can’t debate these things without trying to twist it to suit an agenda. If they could, we could probably solve a lot of the issues a lot quicker.

  121. Colin Sime says:

    No Celtic fans inside the ground disrupted the minute’s silence. Some outside did and this was pre-planned, that is their right. The song in question is in no way sectarian, but is political. Political protest without violence is perfectly legal. Singing “Why don’t you go home”, “Can you hear the gypsies sing” etc etc, throwing seats at stewards, attacking policemen in Manchester etc etc; these are aagianst the law of the land. While most Celtic fans have no problem with remembering the British who died during the various conflicts (justified and unjustified) some do have a problem. It would be better if they protested in a way that did not give oxygen to the significant number in this country with an anti-Irish, anti-Catholic agenda, such as some of the narrow minded, uneducated people on here, butr again they have broken no laws, other than showing a lack of respect, decency and intelligence.

  122. CWC says:

    “butr again they have broken no laws, other than showing a lack of respect, decency and intelligence”

    This is exactly the point most are making. That they’re idiots and they lack respect, decency and intelligence. Bravo, well done. People droning on about the legality of it, or whether the song they were singing can be considered sectarian or not are completely missing the point. It’s not about whether it was illegal or even sectarian…and it’s certainly not about how this misdemeanour stacks up against those of rival fans, it’s about a basic lack of civility; the same civility that these idiots demand from everyone else. That there are still people defending the actions of this band of trolls is astonishing.

  123. CWC says:

    Incidentally, for all the people asking how Aidan McAnespie could possibly offend…have you conveniently forgotten the references to Gibraltar?

  124. james says:

    You are twisting things to suit your agenda. The reference to racism here was only in answer to those wrongly accusing Celtic fans of being sectarian. But obviously you think it’s ok to tell Irish to “F*** off back home” That’s not “real” racism eh?
    Having said that, this debate is about the observance of the minute’s silence. Although it doesn’t suit your agenda of attacking the reputation of Celtic fans, the fact is that all of the thousands of Celtic fans in the stadium behaved impeccably. We are not defending the behaviour of the small number (around 40?) outside the ground. Yes THEY did show “a basic lack of civility”, but this must be put into perspective.A few (including drunken idiots) sang a protest song OUTSIDE the ground. Nobody was violent, nobody got hurt and nobody got arrested.
    Despite this, many on here have tried to portray Celtic fans as pariahs. Unpalatable as it may be for some, the evidence shows that we have a record of good behaviour and are welcomed all over Europe. Don’t be surprised that we defend ourselves from attacks based on ignorance and prejudice.

  125. CWC says:

    Nice attempt at deflection from the boy james there. A few points:

    1) Who’s telling the Irish to “F*** off back home”? No-one as far as I can see. I’d certainly suggest that the British Celtic fans who appear to be so fond of Ireland and who so detest the United Kingdom would be much happier individuals if they were to up and leave for their “spiritual home”. I don’t think even the most twisted mind could interpret that as racism.

    2) I keep hearing that they were outside the ground, as if this was a valid excuse for the appalling behaviour of these miscreants. It isn’t. Good on those who can put aside their misguided feelings for a second and act decently. Shame on those who are compelled by low intelligence to shout, scream and sing during a memorial.

    You can defend the behaviour of these rodents until you’re blue in the face, but the fact will remain that they are scum, pure and simple.

    P.S. I’d be interested to hear what you think my agenda is, beyond illuminating the gloom of closed-minded indecency with the burning flame of intelligence.

  126. james says:

    Your agenda is clear in your first paragraph. Did those thousands of Celtic fans, inside the stadium, observing the silence, indicate that they detested the UK? You clearly show YOUR twisted mind’s view of Celtic fans based on your own prejudice. How crass it is that you should mistake your prejudice for intelligence.
    Although you’ll try and twist it that way “until you’re blue in the face”, I did not defend those outside the ground. They probably are of “low intelligence”. All supports have such people. some sing outside a stadium during a minutes silence, others wreck cities and attack police.

  127. CWC says:

    james, jim, jimmy…big jim

    I think we might well be on the same page here. I’m not for a moment suggesting they’re ALL like that. But you know the ones I mean…the types who congregated outside the Falkirk stadium, the “tiocfaidh arla” brigade, the bad eggs…the ones who are au fait with all things Republican but ignorant of the affairs of their own country. These are the ones I’m talking about.

  128. james says:

    Ok, I can agree with you on that. There are a small minority who embarrass the club, but despite their noise they really were marginalised on Sunday. Remember that many forecast there would be large scale disruption because Celtic have no control over their away fans.
    Celtic are not an establishment team. We have a disparate support which includes intelligent Republicans, Socialists, Catholics, Protestants, Scots, Irish, English etc. It is sometimes difficult to hold this together, particularly on events involving the army. However, we should show respect on solemn occasions. The point is that we DID on Sunday, apart from a few idiots of low intelligence, whom you are entitled to criticise

  129. cfcj says:

    whoever g is your moronic. how hard is it to stand in silence for a minute, without singing about a bunch or murdering inbred irish. your scottish mate grow up.

  130. The Main Man says:

    In response to G who quite clearly supports secterianism and the bigoted nature of many celtic fans…WHY have celtic play in the SCOTTISH league, or the ENGLISH (which they want to) if they cant respect the nation. They CLAIM to be a SCOTTISH team, funnily enough…part of GREAT Britain but dont support the troops that died to defend our nation, as well as their potatoe barren portion of Ireland. The soldiers the silence is for fought against totalitarianism, facism, brainwashed children and the likes and you lot cant even respect that? Please do take it home, in hindsight…I wouldnt have let any boat dock on our fair isles if this is how they treat it.

  131. […] MORE Sectarian Celtic fans ruin minute’s silence on Remembrance Sunday […]

  132. Richard79 says:

    Is it not totalitarian to tell everyone to do as we do or get out?

  133. james says:

    main man,
    I don’t think you’re in any position to lecture anybody about bigotry and sectarianism. With phrases like “potatoe barren portion of Ireland”, I think we can see where you are coming from.
    Also, the British education system has obviously failed you.Try using the spell-check.
    cfcj, you’re another one whose illiterate moronic posts (note the difference between “your” and “you’re” “mate”)shows what a low life you are.
    Neither of you are capable of making any sort of point without displaying your anti Celtic/Irish/Catholic agenda.

  134. Me says:

    Free Speech!

    Fact of the matter, i’ve heard rankers signing “Up to our knees in fenian blood” on sky sports :) where was this sky technician to mute this? hm?

    If you dont fly the union jack, your an outsider. They might aswell join the BNP and be done with it.

  135. TARIQ says:

    i hate all celtic fans and im not a rangers fan im a dundee united fan

  136. CONNOR says:

    my names connor im rangers and proud you fenians tommy burn is in hell hahahahaha

  137. ROSS NEILSON says:


  138. shaun the brummie says:

    being english,but having an irish father(the only paddy i could stand)we english don’t want any jocks or plastic paddies or the teams they support in jocks don’t like us,but you love our wallets,so stay in your crappy football setup where i can watch your teams wither,stagnate,and oh yes what group are you in,in the world cup…

  139. irish through n through says:

    tiochfaidh ar la……..thats a promise ..

  140. Mick C says:

    I believe you need to look at the definition of the work Sectarian. Nothing in this video is sectarian, I knew that there wouldn’t be before I even clicked on the link to this page as being a Celtic fan all my life and being a season ticket holder from 1991, I have never heard a sectarian Celtic song. The reason I have never heard a sectarian Celtic song is because there aren’t any, I put this out to anyone hear, name me a song that Celtic fans sing about other religions. Is there a song about killing protestants? Being up to our knees in protestant blood? The answer is no. Any songs that may be offensive are political, and if you ban people singing political song, then you take away one of the many things people died for in World War II. I as a Celtic fan with republican views have absolutely no problem commemorating those lives lost in WWII. What I don’t agree with is being forced to commemorate the other wars that followed, the wars caused by Britain trying to hold onto power over its former colonies all over the world, including Ireland. I believe some off the reporting on this matter has been ill-advised and sensationalist, ‘The big bad celtic fans are disrespecting our soldiers’ when really its a protest against the reasons why Britain have started or got involved in these wars in the first place.

  141. Mark Woods says:

    After watching this footage I wonder why the Camera men did not turn the cameras on the section of the crowd that was singing so as they could be identified by police, brought to the attention of Celtic Football Club and banned from football for life.

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