Grudge Match: AFC Wimbledon Charged For Refusing To Use MK Dons’ Full Name During League One Tie

Chris Wright

20th, December 2017


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AFC Wimbledon have been slapped with a charge for breaching Football League regulations during their fraught, ill-tempered home tie against MK Dons back in September.

Wimbledon steadfastly refused to acknowledge the ‘Dons’ part of their opponents’ name, curtly referring to them as ‘Milton Keynes’ in the fixture listing on their club website while simply failing to reference them at all in the official match programme.

Just 89 days later, the EFL have decided to charge Wimbledon for failing to treat the fixture in “a consistent and appropriate manner” after they specifically sought assurances from the club that they would do so.

This from BBC Sport:

The south-west London club are accused of ‘breaching Regulation 3’ of the EFL’s rules, which say no member should “unfairly criticise, disparage, belittle or discredit” any other club in the league.

The case is set to be heard by an independent panel, though it’s as yet unknown how Wimbledon plan to respond.

Given all that’s gone on previously, we imagine it will involve their guns and wholeheartedly sticking to them.

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  1. Ter says:

    Can someone explain me whats going on between those two? Or it was just one-time banter? I suppose there is some history behind this right?

    • JP says:

      Wimbledon are a shit team who won some silverware once upon a time with shit players, who played shit football, but had reputations for being hard bastards. Their club was poorly run so to avoid folding the club was moved to a new location. It was decreed that MK Dons could not claim to have any relation to Wimbledon. No tears were shed by MK Dons fans.

      Wimbledon rise from the ashes and still have a massive chip on their shoulder. MK Dons fans still don’t care.

      “Neutrals” think it’s brilliant that noble Wimbledon behave in this churlish manner because MK Dons are “not a proper football club”. MK fans consider the Wimbledon move little more than a trivial footnote, and would like to forge a reputation of their own but Wimbledon and the “neutrals” won’t let it die. To be fair, it doesn’t help when you’re stuck with a shit name like “MK DONS”

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