Moritz ‘Volzy’ Volz’s most excellent website

Ollie Irish

2nd, August 2006

Polaroid4 From Moritz Volz‘s awesomely entertaining website,

‘Here’s a bit about me – I LOVE Little Britain and Only Fools & Horses.
Del Boy is a legend. I spend as much time as I can riding around the
streets of Fulham on my folding bike. The folding bike should be an
Olympic competition by the way – I’m going to win gold in 2012. I’m
still trying to get my maths A-Level (third time lucky!) and I’m also
Fulham’s PFA Representative. Even though I’m German, I promise that I
know a few jokes – but being German also means that I worship the Hoff.’

Who said Germans have no sense of humour? Pay special attention to Volzy’s diary: it’s up there with Ann Frank’s and Samuel Pepys’s.

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