Miserly Moritz Volz fleeces his Egyptian mate

Ollie Irish

13th, September 2006


VolzyWe love a football nutter here at Pies. Barmy Fulham defender Moritz Volz is one of our favourites – probably second only to Ian Holloway, in fact. While some of football’s more compliant characters were partaking in a spot of international football last week, Volzy went on a holiday to Egypt.

Miserly Moritz Volz fleeces his Egyptian mate continued…

The Premiership defender – who is therefore probably on Premiership
defender’s wages (although with Volzy you never know!) – had all his
expenses for the trip covered by his Egyptian mate Khalid. The pair had
only met at this summer’s World Cup. Volzy wrote in his website diary:
"Was made to feel very welcome by everybody – and Khalid paid for
absolutely everything. He wouldn’t let me get my wallet out!" How tight
can you get? Bearing in mind this is a man whose extravagant spending
stretches to a seven-year-old VW Golf and a folding bicycle!

[Rob Parker]

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  1. Named says:

    That’s how those dirty Arabs are! All kind and generous when you’re in their home. Treating you like family… And then when the time comes to pay up, they shut you down and cover all the tabs. Bastards! Unlike those friendly Brits where going Dutch is a way of life.

  2. dimi says:

    Exactly. I think the tight as you get misses the point of middle eastern hospitality… dirty turks do that too (give stuff away and try and make u feel welcome). Losers. Volz shouldnt even go to these places… he should get a chauffeur driven bentley like rio ferdinand and stay in china white-sugar loaf with Jordan