Liverpool To Spend Mascherano Money On A Trio Of Talent?

Chris Wright

25th, August 2010


WITH it looking increasingly likely that their want-away holding man Javier Mascherano will join Barcelona in the non-to-distant future, it seems that Liverpool are already drawing up planso fritter away their imminent £18 million windfall.

Word on rumour street is that a £6 million slice of the Masch cash is being put aside to fund a move for West Ham target man Carlton Cole, with a further £6 million to be offered in various performance-related clauses – lets just hope that they don’t concern penalty conversion rates for Carlton’s sake.

A further £7 million has been earmarked for the acquisition of Marseille’s stroppy winger Hatem Ben Arfa, who refused to train for the French side after finding out that they’d blocked his move to Newcastle United a few weeks back.

The third and final name in the prospective triumvirate is a little more meat-and-potatoes, with ‘Pool boss Roy Hodgson apparently lining up former Fulham charge Dickson Etuhu as the man he wants to step into the Mascherano-shaped void about to be left in his midfield, although the recent arrival of erstwhile Danish anchor Christian Poulsen may suggest otherwise.

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  1. ROGUE says:

    Dickson Etuhu wont do. We should have gone for Gourcuff. But NO ! Now, Lyon has him. Just get Steven Defour or Mathieu Flamini. Flamini would be better. Now, GET HIM ! Plus, he’ll only cost 5M++.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Get another striker & some1 2 challenge Glen Johnson 4 his position!

  3. Ollie Irish says:

    I wouldn’t have signed Poulsen in the first place – Flamini offers more.

  4. daboy says:

    You can keep the three of none are anywhere near Mashes class as players, Ben Arfa is not too bad but not the other two.
    Although the funds are not there Roys targets are at best mediocre and his yes man to the board attitude is sickening give me RAFA any day.

  5. Gamblino says:

    Daboy, if it wasn’t for Rafa you might be in a batter position to by players. You can only blame the board so much. He fucked it right up last year. The best you can hope for now is players with a bit of bottle who want to play for the club, not like Mascherano.

  6. Akash,33 says:

    Roy Hodgson not a manager for the Top Teams…He only can manage middle class team…And he also always try to sign middle class players…So…Pls kick out the old man from my lovely team REDS before he spoil the team…His idea also like STUPID Bustard…!!! SON OF THE BITCH!!! And always said he want to sign this player….that player…this player …that player only with his mouth… Until now he didnt do anything…He just want to show that he is good…Stupid blady old man..!!!
    Spoiling the team!! The worst manager in liverpool history since 1892…
    LETS PLAY 4-3-3 Attacking Game…..


    Attack-Attack-Attack and Attack..
    Kill Every Team That We’re Meet.!

  7. Peter says:

    Hahaha! Carlton Cole! Have they seen him play recently, he’s been woeful. Neither of those three fit the bill if Liverpool want to get back to being world beaters. Why is Hodgson so intent on bringing second tier rubbish to Liverpool? He seems to want to rob his old club of the “talent” they have, forgetting that his last club was Fulham.

  8. peter says:

    You’s are all moron’s its that simple,and havent got a clue about football.

  9. Delboy Dublin says:

    Geez, Akash, relax!!

    Besides, middle class players? I’m fairly sure Graeme Le Saux has retired…

  10. Luke says:

    I think all three are okay signings, 3-for-1 is not a stupid plan as depth (albeit not top class depth) is what Liverpool needed in recent seasons

  11. Fellani's Fro says:

    His signings haven’t been woeful so far plus these targets make sense.
    Carlton Cole is a step up from Ngog (except Penalties), Ben Arfa has some real class, and Etuhu will peform under his old manager. And don’t forget Jovanovic who was the only player who was actually doing anything during the Citeh game

  12. Ryan Kam says:

    Arfa is a good call. We need a good creative winger as Kuyt and Jova playing together is silly. There should be one playing with the other acting as fresh legs if needed, not in addition to the other. The X2 SUPER HARD WORKER SLIGHTLY AVERAGE TALENT WHO DON’T HAVE A BONE OF CREATIVITY DUO OF DESTINY doesn’t work as well when you’re lacking in creativity offensively from the middle and strikers as we have been recently. Arfa is a good mix of athleticism and determination (ala Jova and Kuyt) and skill (ala Maxi, Babel, Pacheco). This being said, I’d MUCH rather see Arda ‘for the love of God, please come get me I’ve asked you to come get me time and time again and you’re my favorite club and I’m incredibly talented and young and I’m reasonably priced how in the hell can you not justify picking me up yet?’ Turan come play for us, but Arfa would be fantastic as well.

    CCole is a poor signing. He falls out of form too much and only stands out because he’s an above average player on a poor team. Liverpool can do much better, a fact they’ve for some baffling reason ignored. Some of your youth players deserve a shot at play, and you can do so better on the market right now.

    Etuhu is a talented positional player, but I think a lot of people are seriously underrating Poulsen. He has a the tenacity, edge, passing ability, and tacking ability similar to Masch and an offensive skill that Masch has never had. I never understood why Masch was so highly rated to be honest. Poulsen showed he can play already, he had a great second half in his debut. I think that Poulsen will shock a lot of people this season. In any case, another DM wouldn’t hurt as we only have two, one of which has been horribly played out of position for his career at Liverpool and the other of which is currently hurt.

    I’m with 2/3 of those signings, but there’s better players available for similar money in both cases.

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  14. BeeBo says:

    Carlton Cole, why would anyone sign him?

    Jesus he is terrible. He is not a prem class striker plain and simple.

    This is an unbelivable signing, does Liverpool actualy want to get better or worse?


  15. Pete says:

    LOL at all these liverpool fans who think that Roy is targeting average players.

    Guess what ?


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