Volzy still loves David Hasselhoff

Ollie Irish

25th, October 2006

Volzy_4Fulham‘s Moritz Volz has been trying to move away from his reputation as the Hoff’s number one fan. High profile media coverage of his obsession plus the fact that Hasselhoff is now the public face of Fulham’s sponsors Pipex led to Volzy distancing himself from his idol.

In his 5 October diary entry, a moody Volzy said: "I’ve played in the last four Fulham games and the only time the papers seem to want to quote me is when I mention the Hoff. Maybe they think it’s me who has single-handedly put him back on the map again because, let’s face it, he’s cruising the country looking for fun at the moment… Think I’m a bit over the Hoff now."

Volzy still loves David Hasselhoff continued

Volzy had soon changed his tune by his diary entry on Monday though, after scoring against Aston Villa in a pair of boots bearing the slogan ‘HOFF 2’. He is now boasting of "Hoff-power" and wondering whether to continue with the lucky boots or retire them with a 100 per cent record!

[Rob Parker]

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