Snapshot: 200 Hartlepool United Fans Descend On London Underground In Full Smurf Regalia

By Chris Wright

Hartlepool are at Charlton for their final League One fixture of the season this afternoon, and nearly 200 of their travelling fans have decided to descend on East London in full Smurf regalia – which has certainly made for interesting scenes on the underground…

“We’re all dressed as Smurfs, your league title is irrelevant”

Via Pies fan @clarky14

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  1. Humding says:

    Brilliant! Why Smurfs though? Just because?

  2. Aidan Dunphy says:

    I think that’s how ‘monkey-hangers’ dress normally mate

  3. amyyyyyy says:

    Because blue and white are the football colours and it does make me laugh that people still call us monkey hangers

  4. Stuart Mair says:

    East London? Why were they in E London? They were in South East London at The Valley. At the home of the Champions.

  5. chris says:

    Wouldn’t want to be greeted with this scene the morning after the night before…lmao

  6. SharGooner says:

    East london? Must have looked pretty stupid turning up to The O’s in that get up while the Charlton away end in SOUTH EAST London was empty.

  7. maz suffolk says:

    Brilliant!! we saw some of the Smurfs near Covent Garden. They looked really great and cheered us up. Thanks for giving people something to smile about!!

  8. hufc says:

    just want to say that it was a brilliant day and credit to most of the charlton fans on the way out of the ground saying well dont and have a safe journey back…good luck in championship

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