Diego Maradona Denied Entry To Disney World Due To Communist Sympathies

Chris Wright

18th, July 2013


By Chris Wright

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An excited Diego rushes to get in the front row for the Princess Parade

The Sun have no doubt snared the biggest story breaking this morning with the news that Diego Maradona has been forced to nix a family holiday to Disney World after being denied a Visa by the US authorities.

Maradona had booked a family trip to the Florida theme park for his girlfriend, his daughter and his gaggle of grandchildren, but was denied entry to North America due to his past dalliances with his “red-leaning” friends.

Apparently he also pleaded his case in person at the US embassy in Dubai, but his Visa application was still refused, with The Sun’s conveniently placed source describing the decision as purely  “political” before telling the tabloid:

“[Maradona’s] relationship with the US has never been good. His friendships with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez and other enemies of the US stopped him being given permission before.

“It was a bit of a kick in the teeth for Diego. The family were really excited about the holiday.”

Kick in the teeth? If you’re going to have the office intern drum up your quotes for you, at least go with something a little less colloquial.

Anyway, no leaked photograph of Diego with Goofy (a la Mario and Spongebob). That’s the real tragedy here.

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  1. bestie says:

    nonsense. he was denied access cause he was too short for the rides

  2. Anonymous says:

    America, America. The shining example of pluralistic democracy they aim to spread to every corner of the planet…America.

  3. Luke Sykes says:

    America, America. the shining example of the pluralistic democracy they strive to gift every corner of the world…one more time with feeling…America, America.

  4. Si says:

    What a huge victory for democracy…

  5. JJ says:

    Hasn’t anyone told Diego that there is a Disneyworld in Paris.

  6. Bear says:

    I didn’t realize we were still living in the Cold War.

  7. shay says:

    His reps can say whatever they want but his drug conviction in Italy is far more likely the reason for his visa denial. It’s pretty standard to deny entry to anyone with a drug conviction, especially for hard drugs.

  8. TravisKOP says:

    @shay: was just about to mention that

  9. Darby says:

    “The Sun…”

    Must be true then.

  10. Fuck Terrorists says:

    Damn right we’re not gonna let any commies into The Land of The Free. ‘Merica.

  11. Matty says:

    @Anonymous- Do you not understand the concept of “Democrat” or what? Please explain to me what is so “unDemocratic” about denying one a visa? That is similar to saying that it is unDemocratic to protest/refuse to eat at a restaurant that promotes opposing views. A sovereign nation has no right to pick whom they choose to deny a vids to? So we should let just anyone come into this country and get over the fact that we are going to let people that have blasted us and dined with our enemies wilst enjoying our services here, enjoying our attractions and eating turkey legs? Provide me one good reason why he should be allowed in this country? And to the Cold war comment, acting as if his comments were said decades ago, eh? Maybe YOU see no problem with allowing people that have expressed hatred towards your vountry in the World stage, but I am not a fan of bending over backwards for fools like this simply because of their status. What logic you two have.

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