Longford Town Player Pat Flynn Embarks On Incredible Twitter Escapade After ‘Forgetting’ About Cup Game

Chris Wright

9th, September 2015


As you may or may not know, Longford Town squared off against Shamrock Rovers in the Leinster Senior Cup quarter-finals last night.

However, the real action was all cracking off 65-odd miles away in Dublin, in the front room of crocked Longford right-back Pat ‘Pajo’ Flynn.

Currently injured and sidelined for the rest of the season, Pajo was thumbing through Twitter on his phone at home when he stumbled across this update from the official Longford feed…


Upon learning that his side were struggling to break the deadlock at Flancare Park, Pajo – with tongue pressed firmly in cheek – leapt forth to answer the call of duty, thus sparking a social media frenzy…


However, over an hour later and there was still no sign of Pajo…


It was then Shamrock Rovers’ turn to check up on Pajo’s progress, though it swiftly transpired that he had some important business to attend to first on his way to the stadium…


The ‘Tony’ in question being Tony Cousins, the Longford manager. Abrakebabra being a splendidly-named chain of Irish kebab shops.

Alas, without Pajo’s much-needed impact, his teammates went down 1-0 to Shamrock Rovers on the night…


Ah well. A wasted evening, but at least our hero got himself a kebab out of it.

(Via Joe.ie)

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